Denver, CO 2005

2005 North American Conference:

Plenary Sessions

A Global Perspective on Energy Markets and Economic Integration - Dr. Arnold B. Baker (Chief Economist, Sandia National Laboratories)
Economics of Converting Military Waste to Fuel - Dr. Michael E. Canes (LMI, Government Consulting)
EIA's Role in Energy Economics - Guy Caruso (Administrator, Energy Information Administration)
Experience in Electric Market Restructuring: A California Perspective - Joseph Desmond (Chairman, California Energy Commission)
Fossil Fuel Reliance: A Global Perspective - Mark Finley (BP) What Makes Good Climates Go Bad? ... and "Why Care?" - Michael Glantz (NCAR, CCB)
Clean and Diversified Energy Initiative - Rich Halvey
Renewable Energy: Back to the Future? - Daniel M. Kammen (Co-Director, Berkeley Institute of the Environment,Professor, Energy and Resources Group & Goldman School of Public Policy)
The Transition from Hydrocarbons and a Role for Renewable Energy - Market and Regulatory Barriers - Michal C. Moore (Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy, University of Calgary)
Shell Global Scenarios Energy Implications for the US - Andrew Slaughter (Shell - Global Business Environment)
Future Fuels and Use: Hope for Tomorrow - James L. Sweeney
National Energy Policy for the 20st Century - Does the 2005 Energy Policy Act Get Us Where We Need to Go? - Susan Tierney (Analysis Group)
Experience in Electricity Market Restructuring
Texas: Mostly Good
- Jay Zarnikau (Frontier Associates And University of Texas at Austin)

Concurrent Sessions

The Path to Getting Published

Predicting Crude Oil Price Trends Using Artificial Neural Network Modeling Approach - Faisal ALAdwani (LSU Craft & Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering) and Wumi Iledare (LSU Center for Energy Studies)
OECD Energy Demand: Modelling Energy Demand Trends using the Structural Time Series Model - Arqam Al-Rabbaie and Lester C Hunt (Surrey Energy Economics Centre (SEEC),University of Surrey, UK)
Alternate pathways to reduced petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions - Peter C. Balash (Economist, National Energy Technology Laboratory)
The Life Cycle Private and External Costs of Increased Coal Use in the United States - Joule Bergerson Ph.D.(Carnegie Mellon University)
An energy demand model with a random trend - Jean-Thomas Bernard, Marie-Elaine Denis, Lynda Khalaf and Clément Yelou (GREEN, Department of economics, Université Lava)
Measuring Market Power in Wholesale Italian Electricity Markets: Preliminary results - April 2004 - Carlo Andrea Bollino and Paolo Polinori (Department of Economics, Finance and Statistics - University of Perugia)
Potential synergies between nuclear and oil sands: A new target for future commercial reactor? - Christophe Bonnery (Areva)
Economic growth and emission leakages - Annegrete Bruvoll and Taran Faehn - Research Department, Statistics Norway
RECYCLYING ENERGY: The Relationship Between Useful Work, Economic Growth & Energy Regulation - Thomas R. Casten (Chairman & CEO, Primary Energy, LLC)
Pricing Behavior, Market Power and Vesting Contracts in a Deregulated Electricity Market - Youngho Chang (Department of Economics, National University of Singapore)
How Technical Analyses Affect the World Crude Oil Price : More Evidences from Candle-stick Charting Method - Ming-I Cheng and Huei-Chu Liao (Econ. Dept., Tamkang University, TAIWAN, R.O.C.)
An economic assessment of Perth’s hydrogen fuel cell buses - Colin Cockroft (Research Institute for Sustainable Energy (RISE), Murdoch University, WA, Australia) And Anthony Owen (School of Economics, University of New South Wales, NSW, Australia)
Political Uncertainty in Project Economics - A Case Study: ConocoPhilips in Venzuela - DeAnn Craig
An Empirical Investigation of Resource Extraction and Sustainable Development - Graham A. Davis
Assessing Impacts from Energy Efficiency Investments - Scott Dimetrosky (Quantec), Jennifer Ellefsen (New York State Energy Research & Development Authority), Dr. Daniel Violette and Brent Barkett (Summit Blue Consulting)
Evidence on the Role of Oil Prices in Venezuela’s Economic Performance: 1950-2001 - Amany El-Anshasy, Michael D. Bradley, and Fred Joutz (Department of Economics, The George Washington University)
Natural Gas Market Volatility: Impact and Buying Strategies for End-Users - Energy Buying Strategies, Inc.
Analysis of Multi-Pollutant Initiatives in Electricity Markets - Robert T Eynon (Energy Information Administration, U.S. Department of Energy)
Can a Carbon Permit System Reduce Spanish Unemployment? - Taran Faehn (Statistics Norway, Oslo), Antonio G. Gómez-Plana (Universidad Pública de Navarra, Spain), Snorre Kverndokk (Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research, Oslo)
Monitoring, Mitigation, and Verification (MMV) in Geological Sequestration Scenarios, Technical Advances and Economic Constraints - Julianna Fessenden, George Guthrie, Melissa Miller (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Econometric Study on Long-term Energy Strategy of Malaysia to the year 2030 ~ focusing on the impacts of renewable energy-based power generation - PeakYean GAN (Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan)
Experience with Energy Efficiency Policies and Programs: Lessons from the Critics - Howard Geller (Sweep)
A MODELLING ASSESSMENT OF THE IMPACT OF CLEAN DEVELOPMENT MECHANISM ON ELECTRICITY GENERATION SYSTEMS : Case of Shandong Province, China - Dr. Edgard Gnansounou and Denis Bedniaguine (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Lausanne (EPFL), Laboratory of Energy Systems (LASEN), Jun Dong (North China Electric Power University, Beijing, P.R. China)
Is a richer-but-warmer world better than poorer-but-cooler worlds? - Indur M. Goklany (Science & Technology Policy, Office of Policy Analysis, U.S. Department of the Interior)
Restoring the Nuclear Option in the U.S.: A Real Options Approach - Rob Graber, Geoff Rothwell (EnergyPath Corporation)
The Path to Getting Published: Energy Economics - Lorna A. Greening (Associate Editor, Energy Energy Economics)
Where Does the Hydrogen Come From: Potential Market Penetration in the US of Low- or No-Carbon, Energy Secure Sources - Lorna A. Greening (Los Alamos, New Mexico)
Retail Electricity: Scale Economies, Competition, Regulation Policy - Lyn Grigg
Strategies for "National Gas Companies" in the Atlantic - Hadi Hallouche, Bryan Train (Cass Business School)
Rice World Gas Trade Model: Russian Natural Gas and Northeast Asia - Peter Hartley, Kenneth B Medlock III (James A. Baker III, Institute of Public Policy, RICE UNIVERSITY)
Electric Restructuring and Capacity Investment in Power Generation in the U.S.: A Panel Data Analysis of Generating Capacity - Toru Hattori (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo, Japan)
The Growth in Electricity Demand in U.S. Households, 1981-2001: Implications for Carbon Emissions - Behjat Hojjati, PhD and Stephanie J. Battles (Energy Information Administration)
The Kyoto permit market: To what extent will Russia and Ukraine sell hot air? - Bjart Holtsmark (Statistics Norway)
Changes in Oil & Gas Prices and E&P Activity: Evidence from U.S. Petroleum Producing States - Omowumi O. Iledare, Ph.D. (Center for Energy Study,Louisiana State University)
Electric Resource Adequacy: It’s not an issue of Operating Reserves - Jonathan M. Jacobs (PA Consulting Group)
Regional Short-term Electricity Consumption Models - Frederick L. Joutz (Department of Economics, The George Washington University), Dave Costello (Office of Energy Markets and End Use (EMEU), Energy Information Administration)
Analysis of the Energy Access Improvement in Developing Countries through Rural Electrification Makoto Kanagawa and Toshihiko Nakata (Management of Science and Technology Department, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University)
Fueling the Future of a Billion Poor. JABA Villages's Experiment with ADIRE - D.P. Kar (PhD Student. (Mineral Economics), Colorado School of Mines, and Senior Rate Planner, Wisconsin Public Service Corporation) and Carol Dahn (Professor and Head of CSM/IFP, Division of Economics, and Business, Colorado School of Mines)
The Southwest Regional Partnership on Carbon Sequestration: Employing the Integrated Assessment Model for Systems Insight - Peter H. Kobos, David J. Borns, Len A. Malczynski and Orman H. Paananen (Sandia National Laboratories)
Why Russian and World Oil Production May Peak Even if There Is No Scarcity of Oil - Marek Kolodziej
Climate policies and induced technological change: Impacts and timing of technology subsidies - Snorre Kverndokk, Knut Einar Rosendahl, Thomas F. Rutherford (Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research)
A New Approach to Measuring the Energy Productivity of an Economy - Chi-Yuan Liang (Research Fellow, The Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica)
It’s Happening Again: Market Psychology vs. Natural Gas Fundamentals - Robert S. Linden (PA Consulting Group)
Environmental Regulation and the Market for Motor Fuels: Unintended Consequences - J. Ludwigson and F. Rusco (US GAO), W. D. Walls (University of Calgary)
Making markets that drive energy efficiency - Iain MacGill (The University of New South Wales, Sydney)
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Problems in the New EU Countries - K. Mikelsons, Dr. V. Kreslins, & Dr. K. Brinkis (Latvian State Power Company "Latvenergo"), Prof. Dr. V. Zebergs & Prof. Dr. N. Zeltins (Institute of Physical Energetics of Latvian Academy of Science)
The Value-Relevance of Accounting Figuresin the International Oil and Gas Industry: Cash Flowsor Accruals? - Bård Misund, Petter Osmundsen, and Frank Asche (University of Stavanger)
WHY HAVE SO MANY STATES IN THE U.S. ADOPTED A RENEWABLE PORTFOLIO STANDARD FOR POWER SALES? - Asbjorn Moseidjord (Chevron Professor of Energy and Resources, Saint Mary’s College of California)
Does Uncertainty Matter? A Competing Risks Analysis of Investment in Petroleum Refining Industry - Xiaoyi Mu
Impact Mitigation for Emergency Events: Their Effect on Day-ahead and Real-time Market Locational Based Marginal Pricing at the New York ISO - Shoko Nakano (Ph.D. Student, Graduate School of Economics, Hitosubashi University)
Energy demand elasticities estimated by shrinkage estimators: How much confidence can we have in them? - Odd B. Nilsen, F. Asche and R. Tveterås (University of Stavanger)
Optimal environmental policies in a heterogeneous product market under research and development competition and cooperation - Olusegun Oladunjoye (University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada)
High Oil Prices: A Non-OPEC Capacity Game - Petter Osmundsen, Bård Misund, Frank Asche, Klaus Mohn (University of Stavanger)
Optimal carbon abatement policy - taxes should be high now! - Lise-Lotte Pade, AKF and Mads Greaker, SSB
Sustainability Indicators for Energy Systems to Enchance Decisions Making Processes - T. J. Petrovic and H.-J. Wagner (Chair for Energy Systems and Energy Economics)
Fossil Fuel Reliance Changes Are Coming, Or Are They? - Platts (The McGraw-Hill Companies)
The Role of Alberta Oil Sands in North American Crude Oil Supply - Farhood Rahnama (Alberta Energy and Utilities Board) Investment in U.S. Power Generation Facilities Under Regulation and Natural Gas Price Uncertainty: Timing of Plant Retirement and New Technology Choice - Peter Reinelt and David Keith (SUNY Freedonia and University of Calgary)
Projections of Industrial Energy Use: Does the Modeling Framework Make a Difference? - Joseph M. Roop (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) and Lorna Greening (Consultant, Los Alamos, New Mexico)
Hydrocarbon Policies in Mexico: Hydrocarbon Policies in Mexico: The Difficulties of Changing and Modernizing the Oil and Gas Sector in the Framework of the Democratic Transition (2000-2005) - Isabelle Rousseau (Professor and Researcher, Centro de Estudios Internacionales, El Colegio de México)
The Impact of Energy Efficient Equipment on Household Energy Use in Canada: Programmable Thermostats - David L Ryan, Darren Herasymiuk (Department of Economics, University of Alberta)
OPPORTUNITIES IN CHAOS Interdependence-based Solutions for the Petroleum Industry of the 21st Century - Talal H. Saklou, PhD (Saudi Arabian Texaco Inc.)
How Credible Are Proven Oil Reserves: The Case of Iran, Russia & Canada - Dr Mamdouh G. Salameh (Director, Oil Economist /World Bank Consultant, UNIDO Technical Expert)
Mitigation options for energy-related CO2 emissions in the Indonesian manufacturing sector - Rislima F. Sitompul and Anthony D. Owen (School of Economics, The University of New South Wales)
An Econometric Evaluation of A Geopolitical Theory of Oil Price Behavior - Ahmad Slaibi, Duane Chapman, Hazem Daouk (Cornell University)
Will High-Priced Oil Revolutionize the Energy Industry? - William H. Steigelmann P.E. (Aspen Systems Corporation) and Jill K. Cliburn (Electric Solar Utility Network)
What Will It Take to Tap the 'Saudi Arabia of Wind'? - Frank Stern & Ron Norman (PA Consulting Group)
Simulation-Based Analysis of the Efficiency of the NYMEX Natural Gas Futures Market - Hiroaki Suenaga and Jeffrey Williams (Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Davis)
Examining the Effect of Deregulation on Retail Electricity Prices - John Taber, Duane Chapman, and Tim Mount (Applied Economics & Management, Cornell University)
High Oil Prices & Alternative Fuels Impacts on the US & Global Downstream - Martin Tallett & Daniel Dunbar (EnSys Energy)
Decomposing change in energy use in the Japanese economy: A double calibration approach - Makoto TAMURA and Shinichiro OKUSHIMA (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo)
The Role of Environmental Management Capacity on Energy Efficiency: Evidence from China’s Electricity Industry - Katsuya Tanaka, Manami Suga, Shunji Matsuoka (Hiroshima University, Japan) and Chazhong Ge (Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning, China)
Simulating GenCo Bidding Strategies in Electricity Markets with an Agent-Based Model - Prakash R. Thimmapuram, Audun Botterud, Malo Yamakado (Argonne National Laboratory)
Electricity deregulation in Israel: Electricity deregulation in Israel: Is it likely to succeed? Is it likely to succeed? - Asher Tishler (Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University, Israel) and Chi-Keung Woo (Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc. (E3), San Francisco, CA)
Measuring the Impact of High Oil Prices and Federal Policy Initiatives in Offshore Gulf of Mexico Exploration, Development and Production Activity - Lee O. Upton, III and Peter K. Ashton (Innovation & Information Consultants, Inc.)
On-Site vs. Off-Site Electric Power Supply in Refineries in the USA: The Use of Cogeneration in Texas and Louisiana - Myrna Valera-Salazar (Columbia University), Tania Cerda Sauvage (UNAM), Gerardo Bazán González and Alberto Elizalde Baltierra (Pemex)
The Path to Getting Published - G. Campbell Watkins, Adonis Yatchew (Joint Editors, The Energy Journal)
The Shifting Sands of U.S. Legislative and Regulatory Policy: Implications for Natural Gas Supplies from Foreign Sources - Dena E. Wiggins (Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP)
Publish in Energy-The International Journal - C.K. Woo, (Associate Editor - Energy, Senior Partner, E3 (San Francisco))
Modeling and Analysis of Nuclear Energy System Strategies in the US - A. Yacout and R. Hill (Argonne National Laboratory)
Predictions of Nuclear Energy Market Share in the U.S. Electricty Market - A. Yacout, G. Conzelmann, V. Koritarov, L. Van Den Durpel (Argonne National Laboratory)
A Regression Model of Natural Gas/Wholesale Electricity Price Relationship and Its Application for Detecting Potentially Anomalous Electricity Prices - Young Yoo and Bill Meroney (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)
The Energy Crises and the Corporate Way of Life: Can Energy Corporations Meet the Need for Workable, Fair, and Comprehensive Solutions to Energy Issues? - Kenneth R. Zimmerman, Ph.D. (Oregon Public Utility Commission)


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