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Outstanding Contributions to the IAEE

Outstanding Contributions to the IAEE Award

From time to time the IAEE presents an award for outstanding contributions to the Association.
Publication: No publication option or requirement.
Conference Participation: Award is typically given at an IAEE International Conference and the winner is asked to address the audience with a few brief remarks, sometimes anecdotal, of no more than 5 minutes.

Past winners of the award include:

2016Omowumi Iledare for his many years of dedication to developing the IAEE, the USAEE and the NAEE.
2015Mine K. Yucel for her many years of support and contributions to the IAEE.
2013Einar Hope for his endless support, guidance and development across all IAEE brands.
2012Fereidun Fesharaki for his years of distinguished service and ceaseless efforts on behalf of the organization.
2009Kenichi Matsui for his many years of support and contribution to the IAEE.
2008Paul Tempest for his considerable support and many contributions to the IAEE and the BIEE Affiliate since their inception.
2007Richard Gordon in appreciation for his decades of service as Book Review Editor of The Energy Journal.
2006David Williams Sr & David Williams Jr for their steadfast guidance, commitment and support of the IAEE.
2005Edgardo Curcio for his many years of support and contribution to the IAEE and Italian Affiliate
2003G. Campbell Watkins for his long time dedication and contributions to IAEE and The Energy Journal
1998Subroto for his many participations in IAEE programs and service to the Association
1994Melvin Conant for his distinguished contributions
1993Toyoaki Ikuta for his distinguished service in energy economics
1989John K. Evans, supporter of the IAEE Journalism Award and other IAEE activities
1984Helmut Frank, founding editor of The Energy Journal