Auckland, New Zealand 2020

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Opening Plenary: Energy Transitions

Chair: Basil Sharp, University of Auckland
Dr Ivan Diaz-Rainey, University of Otago The Role of Investors in Energy Transition
Alison Andrew, Transpower Enabling New Zealand's Energy Future
Prof. Frank Jotzo, The Australian National University  

Dual Plenary: Low Carbon Economy

Chair: Frank Jotzo, The Australian National University
Yukari Niwa Yamashita, IAEE President Reality Check for Low Carbon Economy
Geoff Lewis, NZ Productivity Commission Modelling New Zealand's transition to net-zero emissions
Christophe Bonnery, IAEE Executive Vice President  

Dual Plenary: Future Electricity Markets - Australian Experience

Chair: Ivan Diaz-Rainey, University of Otago
Professor Ken Baldwin, Australia National University Future Electricity Markets Summit: Resilience and The Just Transition
Associate Professor Tim Nelson, Australia Energy Market Commission Future Electricity Market Summit – Low marginal cost, security and financing
Associate Professor Iain McGill, UNSW Australian Future Electricity Markets Summit Outcomes

Dual Plenary: Electricity Markets

Chair: Golbon Zakeri, University of Auckland
Golbon Zakeri, University of Auckland Modelling for Energy Transitions: Optimization in Action
Professor Richard Green, Imperial College of London The Economics of Flexibility
Professor Paul Simshauser, Griffith University Merchant renewables & the valuation of peaking plant in energy-only markets

Dual Plenary: Energy Transition in Transport

Chair: Richard Green, Imperial College of London
Professor David Levinson, University of Sydney The End of Traffic and the Future of Access
Dr Amela Ajanovic, Vienna University of Technology Energy Transition in Transport Role of Electric Vehicles
Dr Selena Sheng, University of Auckland Moving towards a sustainable transportation system for New Zealand

Dual Plenary: Smart Cities and Grids

Chair: David Broadstock, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Assoc. Prof. Duncan Callaway, University of California Will decentralization make a dent? Explotring the future of standalone electricity infrastructure
Assoc. Prof. Dennice Gayme, John Hopkins University Controlling wind farms to enable market participation
Dr Brian Efird, KAPSARC A New Energy Paradigm for the City of Riyadh

Dual Plenary: Fossil Fuels

Chair: Ron Ripple, R.D. Ripple & Associates
Prof. Adonis Yatchew, University of Toronto  
Professor Peter Hartley, Rice University Developments in the LNG market
Prof. David Stern, The Australian National University How Large is the Economy-wide Rebound Effect?

Dual Plenary: Energy Efficiency & Closing Remarks

Chair: Cristian Stet, Erasmus School of Economics
Dr Jeffrey Hardy, Imperial College London Efficiency and heating in net-zero energy systems: A UK case study
Prof. Janet Stephenson, University of Otago Efficiency, energy cultures and the low-carbon grid
Ron Ripple, R.D. Ripple & Associates  
Yukari Niwa Yamashita, IAEE President  
Stephen Poletti, University of Auckland  

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