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Student Events
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Specific conference events designed towards students

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IAEE Summer School and Co-Branded Events

Upcoming Events

May 4th 2018
25th student workshop in Cologne, Germany
EWI – Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne
Details: https://gee.de/en/
Contact: Maximilian.happach@ids.uni-stuttgart.de

June 8-9, 2018
Doctoral Seminar
41st IAEE International Conference, Groningen, the Netherlands
Details: http://iaee2018.com/doctoral-seminar/
Contact: info@iaee2018.com

June 10, 2018
Master Classes
41st IAEE International Conference, Groningen, the Netherlands
Details: http://iaee2018.com/masterclasses/
Contact: info@iaee2018.com

November 23, 2018
Finale of the GEE prize of the Energy Forum Berlin and 26th student workshop in Berlin, Germany
Details: https://gee.de/en/
Contact: Maximilian.happach@ids.uni-stuttgart.de

Past Events

December 6, 2017
11th Scientific Journey
Instituto de Energia e Ambiente da Universidade de São Paulo (IEE/USP), Brazil
Details: http://ab3e.org.br/eventos/evento/31
Contact: Igor Gimenes Cesca ( igcesca@gmail.com)

November 28, 2017
PhD Day during the annual FAEE conference in Paris, France
Details: https://www.facebook.com/faeese15/
Contact: faee.student@gmail.com

November 12-15, 2017
IAEE North America Conference, Houston Texas, USA
Several student activities
Details: http://www.usaee.org/usaee2017/
Contact: Melanie Craxton ( mcraxton@stanford.edu)

November 10, 2017
6th BAEE Research Workshop, Leuven, Belgium
Contact: Arjan Trinks ( p.j.trinks@rug.nl)

November 2-4, 2017
AIEE Energy Symposium, Rome
Best Student Paper Award
Details: http://www.aieeconference2017rome.eu/pages/student.html
Contact: Francesco Marghella ( f.marghella@aiee.it)

October 13-14, 2017
2017 IAEE Eurasian Conference, Zagreb, Croatia
Best Student Paper Award & Best Student Poster Award
Details: http://www.eurasianconference.org/zagreb2017/
Contact: Jelena Zoric ( jelena.zoric@ef.uni-lj.si), Jurica Simurina (jsimurina@efzg.hr)

September 3, 2017
5th IAEE European PhD Day in cooperation with YEEES
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
@ 15th IAEE European Conference 2017
Details: https://www.aaee.at/iaee2017//phdday
Contact: aaeesc@tuwien.ac.at

July 28, 2017
23. Workshop of the GEE Student Chapter
Forschungsstelle für Energiewirtschaft e.V., Am Blütenanger 71, 80995 München
Details: https://www.gee.de/nachrichten/64-23-workshop-des-student-chapters-der-gee
Contact: kontakt@gee.de

July 6-15, 2017
2017 IAEE Summer School in Beijing, China
Energy Market: Models and Practice
Contacts: Sanmang Wu (wusanmang@sina.com), Huajiao Li ( lih@cugb.edu.cn)