Rights Retained by IAEE Authors

When the author signs IAEE’s Publishing Agreement for a journal article, he/she retains certain rights that may be exercised without reference to IAEE. He/she may:

  • Reproduce/republish portions of the article (including the abstract).
  • Photocopy the article and distribute such photocopies and distribute copies of the PDF of the article that IAEE makes available to the corresponding author of the article upon publication of the article for personal or professional use only, provided that any such copies are not offered for sale. Persons who receive or access a PDF of the article must be notified that the article may not be further copied, distributed, made available by other means, or sold.
  • Adapt the article and reproduce adaptations of the article for any purpose other than the commercial exploitation of a Work similar to the original.
  • Reproduce, perform, transmit and otherwise communicate the article to the public in spoken presentations (including those which are accompanied by visual material such as slides, overheads and computer projections).

The author(s) must submit a written request to IAEE for any other use than those specified above. All cases of republication/reproduction must be accompanied by an acknowledgement of first publication of the article by IAEE.

Acknowledgement for reproduction of IAEE material

  • The text for proper acknowledgement of IAEE publication is as follows:
    • This article first appeared in [The Energy Journal or Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy], Vol. XX, No. X, pages XXX-XXX, year, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5547/(insert remainder of DOI here) - Reproduced by permission of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE)

The acknowledgement should also include a hyperlink to the article on the IAEE website.

The author also has some rights concerning the deposition of the whole article, details of which are explained in the Gold Open Access and Green Open Access sections.

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