Publishing Agreement

Before we can publish an article in an IAEE journal, we require the Author to execute our Publishing Agreement. In signing this Agreement the Author (who is either the Copyright Owner or who is authorized to sign on behalf of the Copyright Owner, e.g. his/her employer) grants to the IAEE "the exclusive right and license throughout the world to edit, adapt, translate, reproduce and publish the Paper in all formats, in all media and by all means (whether now existing or in future devised)".

IAEE thus acquires all practical rights to the paper, save, however, copyright. Copyright of a paper remains with the Author, or his or her institution, as the Copyright Owner. Even though IAEE has an exclusive right to publish, the IAEE allows the Copyright Owner to retain several practical rights to the paper (all specified in the Publishing Agreement), in addition to the copyright. For example, we allow the Copyright Owner to reuse material from his/her paper (in some cases the entire paper), provided that a suitable acknowledgement is given. Any republication must be accompanied by an acknowledgement in the form specified in the Publishing Agreement (this will depend on the journal).

In the Publishing Agreement the Author provides IAEE with the assurances that it requires before it can publish the material, including assurances that the work is original to the Author; that permissions have been obtained if previously published material has been included; and that the work has not already been published.

The Publishing Agreement is forwarded to the Author upon acceptance of his or her paper for publication.

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