IAEE Open Access Policies

Effective March 1, 2014, IAEE offers authors of newly submitted articles the option:

  1. to publish articles within The Energy Journal or the Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy as Gold Open Access articles, made universally available under a Creative Commons license, through payment of an Article Processing Charge, or
  2. to publish articles within The Energy Journal or Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy without payment of any charge as Green Open Access articles, under the condition that access will solely be allowed through non-commercial or institutional repositories affiliated with the author for an initial three-year embargo period, or by payment of reader-side fees to IAEE during that embargo period. 

There are two routes to Open Access publishing with IAEE:

  1. Author pays to make their article Open Access (Gold Open Access)

    IAEE grants authors the right to have their article published Open Access at the time of publication. If an author chooses this publication route, the author, the author’s institution, or the author’s funding agency must pay an 'Article Processing Charge' after peer-review and acceptance. The final 'article of record' is then made available to all, immediately, via our website without any barriers to access, subject to a Creative Commons license that requires attribution and protects the author’s work from commercial use or unauthorized derivative use.

  2. Author deposits accepted article in a non-commercial repository (Green Open Access)

    For articles accepted for publication after March 1, 2014, authors may deposit the accepted pre-print form of their article in a non-commercial repository. This includes pre-submission (e.g. ArXiV and RePEc) and post-acceptance repositories, such as that of the author’s institution or the author’s funding body, plus that organization's intranet. The author may also use the article in the author’s thesis, both in print and online. Authors should first confirm with the IAEE if there is any doubt as to whether a repository is considered non-commercial for the purposes of Green Open Access deposits.

    Green Open Access is also known as Self-Archiving.  It complies with the requirements of most of the major funding agencies, such as RCUK and the Wellcome Trust.

    Full details on options for deposition, with associated Publishing Agreements, can be found on the IAEE website under the Gold Open Access and Green Open Access sections.

Before IAEE can publish a research paper or communication under IAEE’s Open Access policy, we require the Author to complete the IAEE Publishing Agreement. Under either election, however, the Author agrees to abide by the IAEE Open-Access policy which includes, at the end of any applicable embargo period, the granting of a Creative Commons (CC) license to any person desiring to read or use the author’s article, provided attribution to the author and to the IAEE as original publisher is made (CC-BY). The author may, however, also elect to prohibit users from using all or parts of the work to create any derivative works (CC-BY-NC-ND). For Gold Open Access papers, the CC-BY license ensures that authors are able to comply with funders such as the RCUK and Wellcome Trust.

Authors wishing to review the full-text of the aforementioned licenses may do so by visiting: http://creativecommons.org/licenses.

Please do not submit a Publishing Agreement until after your paper has been accepted for publication.

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