Energy Forum

1st Quarter 2017
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"President's Message"
by Ricardo Reineri
"IAEE Baku Conference Summary "
by John Roberts
"Suitable Combination of Photovoltaic Cell and Electricity Storage System in the Smart Community Connecting the Commercial and Residential Sectors"
by Yoshiki Ogawa
"Computation of the Levelized Cost of Electricity under Uncertainty and Endogeneities in Inputs"
by Thomas Geissmann
"Econometric Analysis of Household Coal Demand in Kazakhstan"
by Zauresh Atakhanova and Peter Howie
"What Will Happen if Gazprom Stops Transiting Gas Across Ukraine?"
by Robert E. Brooks
"Energy Efficiency and Jobs –a case Study of Israel"
by Ulrike Lehr, Anke Mönnig, Rachel Zaken and Edi Bet-Hazadi
"Household Energy Consumption and Energy Poverty in Kazakhstan"
by Aiymgul Kerimray, Rocco De Miglio, Luis Rojas-Solórzano, and Brian Ó Gallachóir
"Modeling Disaggregated Energy Consumption: Considering Nonlinearity, Asymmetry, and Heterogeneity by Analyzing U.S. State-level Panel Data"
by Brantley Liddle
"Report on the Tulsa USAEE/IAEE Conference"
by Melanie Craxton
"The Timing of China’s Carbon Peaking under an Uncertain Future"
by Hongbo Duan, Jianlei Mo, Ying Fan and Shouyang Wang
"Energy Security and Economic Performance of the Caspian Region: How Vulnerable is the Region to the Falling Oil Price?"
by Nathaniel Babajide

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