How IAEE Obtains Right to Publish

In order to publish material IAEE must acquire the legal rights that it needs to do so from the authors of that material. In general, we must obtain from the original author(s) the right to publish the material in all formats, in all media (including specifically print and electronic), with the right to sublicense those rights.

For Gold Open Access papers submitted for publication in IAEE journals, IAEE requires an exclusive Publishing Agreement, whereby the copyright owner retains copyright and certain other rights. For Green Open Access papers, the Author agrees to assign to the IAEE the copyright and all rights under it for an embargo period of three years from the date of publication of the article, after which the copyright shall revert to the Author.

In addition to obtaining the rights that IAEE needs from the author regarding his/her own material IAEE must also ensure that the material it publishes does not infringe the copyright of others. IAEE requires the author to obtain all permissions that might be needed from third parties to include material that belongs to someone else (for example, a figure or diagram).

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