Frequently Asked Questions

Can I publish with IAEE without paying an author charge? Yes. Most authors publish via the Green Open Access route, subjecting free public distribution of their article to certain limitations for a three-year embargo period.

Will my willingness to pay an author fee affect whether my article is published? No. Only after the article is accepted for publication do you elect the option to have your article published in the Green Open Access manner, the traditional way, or to pay publication costs through Gold Open Access, allowing immediate public access to the article. This preserves the independence of the peer-review process.  The Author’s Open Access decision comes after a decision is made on whether the article qualifies for publication, and thus will have no impact on the outcomes of the peer review process or on any editorial decision.

Can I arrange to have an article I published previously with IAEE made freely available? No, at this time only papers submitted after March 1, 2014 are eligible for our Open Access program.

If I choose to pay an Open Access fee when will my article be made freely available? If the article is ready for publication, and the relevant Publishing Agreement and Article Processing Charge have been received by IAEE, the article will be made freely available immediately upon publication as a Preprint on IAEE’s website and possibly on other sites as well, as deemed appropriate, and thereafter in PDF versions. If the license and/or Article Processing Charge arrive after the article has been published, the article will be made freely available once both license and Article Processing Charge have been received.

Which version of my article will be made freely available if I pay the Open Access fee? The Preprint article will be made freely available on IAEE’s website, and possibly on other sites as well, as deemed appropriate, provided the appropriate license and Article Processing Charge are received during the period of Preprint article publication. The PDF version of the article will be made freely available as and when it is ready provided that the license and Article Processing Charge have been received by IAEE.

Where can my articles that are freely available as a result of my having paid the Open Access Article Processing Charge be posted In consideration of the Gold Open Access Article Processing Charge IAEE will make freely available the final published version in PDF format, and other formats as it may so choose in the future, on IAEE's website for an unlimited period of time. The IAEE may deposit the accepted author version of the article in selected repository(ies); no embargo period applies where IAEE’s Open Access Article Processing Charge has been paid. You may deposit the accepted version of the submitted article in other repository(ies) as required, with no embargo period, except that you are not permitted to deposit your work in any commercial service.

What does IAEE define as an "accepted author version" of an article? The author version of an article is the author's revised version that has been accepted for publication.

What can I do with the PDF article that IAEE makes available upon publication?  You may distribute, copy, and display the work under the terms of the Publishing Agreement.

Will IAEE take Gold Open Access revenues into account in setting future journal prices? Yes, but with the caveat that, along with many other publishers, IAEE considers the Gold Open Access model to be an experiment rather than a proven business model. Running this model alongside the normal subscription route for access represents a financial risk, and IAEE reserves the right to withdraw the Gold Open Access model for any article for which the Gold Open Access charge has not yet been paid.


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