Washington, DC 2004

2004 North American Conference:

Plenary Sessions

Global Strategic Energy Challenges - Fatih Birol, International Energy Agency
Electricity Reliability: How Much, By What Means, At What Cost? - Robert Burns, The National Regulatory Research Institute
A New Era of Market Management? - Guy Caruso, Energy Information Administration
Thinking Outside the Box: Economic Growth and The Central Generation Paradigm - Thomas R. Casten, Primary Energy, LLC
Creating a Hydrogen Economy: Challenges & Opportunities - Maria Curry-Nkansah, BP
Vehicle Technology Prospects and Challenges - John German, American Honda Motor Co.
After the Natural Gas Bubble: A Critique of the Modeling and Policy Evaluation Contained in the National Petroleum Council's 2003 Natural Gas Study - Ken Costello, Hillard G. Huntington, and James F. Wilson
Energy Security: Key Issues in the Asia-Pacific Region - Fereidun Fesharaki, FACTS, Inc.
LNG: Can We Build It? - Michelle Michot Foss, University of Houston
Drivers for State Action on Energy Policy - Anna Garcia, Ozone Transport Commission
The Why and the How of Hydrogen - Mark Jaccard, Simon Fraser University
Internatioanl Oil Market Outlook: Trends in Saudi Arabia Paramount - Amy Myers Jaffe, Rice University
Is Network Reliability A Public Good? - Lynne Kiesling, Northwestern University & IFREE and Michael Giberson, ICES & CIPP, George Mason University
Increasnig the Security & Reliability of the USA Electricity System - Lester Lave, Jay Apt & Granger Morgan, Electricity Industry Center
NYMEX Energy Markets - Bradford Leach, NYMEX
Spud, Pipe and Chill: Mapping a Secular Transition in North American Gas Markets - Robert Linden, PA Consulting Group
UK Energy Policy: Conflict between Security of Supply and Other Objectives? - Gordon MacKerron, Associate Director, NERA
A New Era in Oil Market Management? - Claude Mandil, International Energy Agency
Russian Electricity Reform: An IEA Perspective - Isabel Murray, International Energy Agency
Commercial LNG: Structure and Implications - David Nissen, Columbia University
Energy Investment in Russia: The Empire Strikes Back - Stephen O’Sullivan, Deutsche Bank
Energy and Environment: A Global Outlook - Jonathan Pershing, World Resources Institute
The Hype About Hydrogen, The Mainstream Analytic View - Joseph Romm
Competition in the Electricity Industry? - Carl H. Seligson, K Road Power, Inc. [presentation text]
Hot Topics in Energy - James L. Sweeney, Professor of Management, Science & Engineering, Stanford University
Texas Energy Prospectus - Malcom Verdict, Associate Director, Energy Systems Laboratory, Texas A&M Competition in the Electricity Industry? The Experience in 5 Developing Countries - David Victor, Stanford University

Concurrent Sessions

Does Energy Price Volatility Matter? - Arnisa Abazi, Rutgers University
The Impact of Dollar Devaluation on World Oil Industry: Do Exchange Rates Matter? - A. F. Alhajji, Ph.D., Ohio Northern University
Market Power in Joint Markets for Power and Green Certificates - Eirik Amundsen, University of Bergen & Gjermund Nese, SNF
A Hybrid Top-Down Bottom-Up Model with Macro-Economic Feedbacks - Christopher Bataille & Mark Jaccard, Simon Fraser University
Technology R&D as Greenhouse Insurance - Erin Baker, University of Massachusetts, Leon Clarke, Joint Global Change Research Institute & John Weyant, Stanford University
Trends in the Use of Natural Gas in U.S. Households 1987 to 2001 - Stephanie Battles and Behjay Hojjati, Energy Information Administration
Valuing the Attributes of Renewable Energy Investment in Scotland - Ariel Bergmann, University of Glasgow
The Changing Patterns of the Canadian Industries Energy Intensity - Jean-Thomas Bernard, Nancy Bergeron, Johanne Boivin, Lynda Khalaf, Universite Laval
Rural Economic Impact of a Statewide Energy Efficiency Initiative: An Analysis of Three Non-Metropolitan Counties Participating in Wisconsin Focus on Energy - Carmen Best, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Creating a Commercial Environment for Energy Projects: Lessons from Central and Eastern Europe - Robert Borgstrom, Independent Consultant
Price Responsiveness of the Deregulated Electrictiy Market in Singapore - Youngho Chang & Tuan Hin Tay, National University of Singapore
Public Goods versus Public Services: Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Natural Gas Development in the Jack Morrow Hills of Syoming - Roger Coupal, David Taylor & Nathan Nibbelink, University of Wyoming and Roy Allen, Wyoming State Office
Three Decades of Scenario Planning in Shell: Experience and Possible Extension in the Future - Peter Cornelius, Mattia Romani & Alexander Van De Putte, Shell International
Residential Energy Consumption: Longer Term Response to Climate Change - Christian Crowley & Frederick Joutz, The George Washington University
Energy Elasticity Survey - Carol Dahl & Carlos Roman, Colorado School of Mines
Italy's Route to Kyoto: A Wishful Thinking? - Enzo Di Giulio and Stefania Migliavacca, Scuola Mattei - Eni Corporate University & Alessandro Vaglio, University of Bergamo
Estimating the Opportunities for Enhanced Oil and Gas Production on Marginal State Leases - David Dismukes, Jeffrey Burke and Dmitry Mesyanzhinov, Louisiana State University
The Future of U.S. Oil Supply Security Strategy - Ramon Espinasa, Inter American Development Bank
Electricity Reliability in the States: A Roadmap for Integrating State Energy & Environmental Policy - Sue Gander and Art Diem, US Environmental Protection Agancy
Balancing the North America Gas Market - CFE - from Market Taker to Market Maker - Gnostica Management Consulting
The Role of Institutions in Energy Investment - Gurcan Gulen, University of Houston
Future U.S. Energy Use for 2000-2025 as Computed with Temperatures from a Global Climate Prediction Model and Energy Demand Model - Stan Hadley, David Erickson and Jose Hernandez, ORNL & Starley Thompson, LLNL
Chinese Industrial Energy Demand - Lixia He and Dayton M. Lambert, Purdue University
Role of Government R&D Project in CO2 Reduction Technology Development: Case of 21C Frontier CDRS Project in Korea - S.U. Park, E.Heo and K.J. Boo, Korea Institute of Energy Research & Seoul National University
Interaction of Oligopolistic Transmission Portfolio Standards, Green Gricing Programs, & Emission Allowances - Yihsu Chen & Benjamin Hobbs, The Johns Hopkins University
Generation Adequacy, Market Regulation and Demand Elasticity in the Electricity Industry: A Stochastic Long Run Equilibrium Analysis of Capacity Markets - Javier Inon & Benjamin Hobbs, The Johns Hopkins University
The Future of Saudi Price Discrimination: The Effect of Russian Production Increases - Amy Myers Jaffe and Ronald Soligo, Rice University
Marginal Cost Pricing Has Little Place in Electricity Regulation - Jeffrey Jakubiak, Troutman Sanders
Making Clean Air Markets Work - Kevin Jones, Navigant Consulting, Inc.
The India Energy and Greenhouse Gas Model: Model Overview and Results - Peter Kobos & Thomas Drennen, Sandia National Laboratory
Adapting for Uncertainty: A Scenario Analysis of Technology Energy Futures - John "Skip" Laitner, EPA Office of Atmospheric Programs & Donald Hanson, Argonne National Laboratory
Structural Issues to Resolve in Mexico in Support of Electric Industry Reform - Bruce T. Laxdal, P.Eng., Laxdal Consulting SA
Restructuring of the Electricity Industry in Europe - Carole Le Henaff, Universite Parix IX Dauphine
The "Cyclical" Nature of Natural Gas Prices - Huagang "Hugh" Li & Glen Sweetnam, Lukens Energy Group
Modeling the Rstructured Illinois Electricity Market as a Complex Adaptive System - Charles Macal, Gale Boyd, Richard Cirillo, Guenter Conzelmann, Michael North, Prakash Thimmapuram, Thomas Veselka, Argonne National Laboratory
The Role of Solar in the Long-Term Outlook of Electric Power Generation in the U.S. - Robert Margolis, NREL & Frances Wood, OnLocation
Information Effects on Residential Energy Conservation: A Japanese Experiement - Isamu Matsukawa, Musashi University
Developing LNG in North America: Impact on Prices of Natural Gas - Sophie Meritet, Universite Paris Dauphine & Alberto Elizalde Baltierra, PEMEX
An Empirical Analysis of Market Power in the U.S. Natural Gas Market - Donald Murry & Zhen Zhu, C.H. Guernsey and Company
Evaluating Government Fiscal Policy in Maintaining the Attractiveness of the UK North Sea Province - A Time Line Analysis - Carole Nakhle & David Hawdon, University of Surrey
Energy Investment Outlook for the APEC Region - Naoko DOI, Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre
Lessons on the Design and Implementation of Renewable Energy, Greenpower and Greenouse Emissions Abatement Markets from the Financial Markets and Experimental Economics - Karel Nolles, University of New South Wales
The Impact of Climate Change Policy on the Canadian Energy Sector - Tony Peluso & Ian Hayhow, Natural Resources Canada
Time of Use Pricing and Electricity Demand Transfer: A Long Run Analysis of Capacity and Prices - Pierre-Olivier Pineau, University of Victoria & Stephan Schott, Carleton University
Interconnection of East European Natural Gas Markets: Towards a Cooperation Betgween Players? - Margarita Pirovska, University Paris Dauphine
The Use of Discrete Choice Research in Hybrid Energy-economy Models - Nic Rivers, Simon Fraser University
Modeling the Distribution Utility as an Agent in the Wholesale Market - Joseph Roop, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
The Income Distribution Impacts of Climate Change Mitigation Policy - G.A. Oladosu & A.Z. Rose, Pennsylvania State University
Hybrid Electric Powertrain Fuel Consulption Reduction Cost Effectiveness Trade-Offs - Danilo J. Santini and Anant Vyas, Center for Transportation Research, Argonne National Laboratory
Managing Large Amounts of Wind Generated Power Feed In - Every Day Challenges for a German TSO and Approaches for Improvements - Steffen Sacharowitz, Energy Systems, Technische Universität Berlin
Hybrid Electric Powertrain Fuel Consulption Reduction Cost Effectiveness Trade-Offs - Danilo J. Santini and Anant Vyas, Center for Transportation Research, Argonne National Laboratory
Integration of Distributed Generation in Electricity Supply Systems in Europe in the Medium and Long Term - Martin Scheepers, Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN)
LNG: The North American Gorilla - Gordon Shearer, Poten & Partners
The Impact of Climate Policy on ROK's Energy Sector: Application of the LEAP Model to Energy Sector Analysis - Euisoon Shin and Hoseok Kim, Yonsei University
CO2 Emission Reductions due to Renewable Power Generation Projects under a Competitive Electricity Market - Ram M. Shrestha and Anula Abeygunawardhana, Asian Institute of Technology Thailand
The Impact of Energy-Efficiency and Renewable Energy on Natural Gas Markets - Anna Monis Shipley, ACEEE
Empirical Analysis of the Spot Market Implications of Price-Elastic Demand - Afzal Siddiqui, University College Dublin & Emily Bartholomew & Chris Marnay, Berkeley Lab
Competitive Generation: Looks Easy on Paper - Fereidoon Sioshansi, Menlo Energy Economics
Managing Energy Demand Growth in Emerging Market Countries - Katherine Spector, JP Morgan Securities
How to Work with U.S. TDA on Priority Energy Projects - Henry Steingass, U.S. Trade and Development Agency
Economic, Commercial and Regulatory Aspects of the Integration of Distributed Generation: A UK Perspective - Goran Strbac, UMIST & Jim Watson, SPRU, University of Sussex
Environmental Compliance and Industrial Productivity in U.S. - Abbas A. Taheri & Rodney Stevenson, University of Wisconsin
Real-Time Pricing for Managing a Steep Change of Electricity Demand - Makoto Tanaka, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Long-Term Global Energy Strategy for Stablizing Atmospheric CO2 Concentration with Focus on the Potential Role of Hydrogen - T. Takeshita, K, Yamaji, and Y.Fujii, The University of Tokyo
Testing the Reliability of FERC's Wholesale Power Market Platform: An Agent-Based Computational Economics Approach - Leigh Tesfatsion & Deddy Koesrindartoto, ISU
Singapore's Role in Sustaining Energy Security in Asia - Youngho Chang & Stacey Tsai, National University of Singapore
Gas Supply Security in Europe in the long term:Some key issues - Frits van Oostvoorn, Energy research Centre of the Netherlands, ECN
Decarbonisation and Electricity System Security: Scenarios for the UK in 2050 - Jim Watson, SPRU, University of Sussex and Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and Goran Strbac & Dusko Nedic, UMIST and Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
Climate Policy Uncertainty and Business Risks: Impact of Climate (Non) Policy in Energy Sector - Edith Webster, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


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