Energy Forum

4th Quarter 2014
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"The Changing Face of World Oil Markets"
by James D. Hamilton
"The Marginal Energy Return On (Energy) Investment (MEROI)"
by Douglas B. Reynolds
"Energy in 2013 – Taking Stock: Highlights from the 2014 BP Statistical Review of World Energy"
by Christof Rühl and Alexander Naumov
"Diversification of Chilean Energy Matrix: Recent Developments and Challenges"
by Shahriyar Nasirov and Carlos Silva
"Regulatory Issues in the Downstream Gas Sector and Emerging Electricity Supply Industry in Nigeria"
by Tade Oyewunmi
"Opportunities and Challenges for Interconnection Investment in Europe: Case Example of Estlink HVDC Power Cable Between Estonia and Finland"
by Yuliya Pidlisna

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