Bid to Host a Summer School Event

IAEE is open to receive proposals for any Summer School Program that enhances IAEE activities subject to some minimum requirements in terms of:

  • objective,
  • content,
  • faculty,
  • audience and selection criteria,
  • duration, and
  • method for evaluating effectiveness.

We recognize that there is a distinction between the IAEE tradition of branding conferences or seminars, and what here is more of a workshop or an academic and professional training program. Nevertheless we will rely on the successful model already used for conferences to select Summer School programs.

There should be no monopoly on the programs supported by the IAEE, and the IAEE must not partner with any one academic institution to regularly produce a Summer School program with that institution to the exclusion of others. In particular, regional chapters where affiliates contain members from different institutions should design a portable curriculum or more than one program running within the region.

Any individual/institution interested in running a program must present a proposal following the guidelines described below.

Most academic institutions, whether non-profit or for profit, receive part of their revenues from the tuitions they charge. Similarly, IAEE endorsement of academic and professional educational and training programs should be of some financial benefit to IAEE, in addition to being a way of enhancing the IAEE reputation. Any new source of IAEE revenue can be used to support scholarships and other enterprises aimed at furthering the goals of the energy economics profession. A proposal for an IAEE branded professional/academic training program should therefore present a budget and a scheme for sharing financial benefits with IAEE.

IAEE might grant Certificates of Attendance for the participants according to the proper characteristics of the program (attendance, success completion, etc).

Regarding the program´s faculty and students:

  • It is highly desirable that faculty members of each program be existing members of, or join IAEE
  • Students also should be members of IAEE or the costs of IAEE student membership should be included in the costs of the program

Guidelines for proposing a summer school bid

To run an educational or training program under the IAEE umbrella, the interested party must send to the President of the Academic Executive Committee on Education Programs a letter of expression of interest and a Program Proposal

  1. Letter of expression of interest
  2. Program Proposal

    The following is a list of suggested topics, if appropriate, to be included in the description of the program

    • Description of program/objectives
    • Courses and syllabus
    • Brief CV for each Faculty member when this program is organized by the regional affiliates. In the case that the regional affiliates ask IAEE to find the experts and suggest the specific contents of the courses, IAEE will present a proposal to the regional affiliate with names and brief CVs of Faculty and the specific course contents
    • Target audience, expected number of enrollment
    • Selection Criteria
    • Duration (hours)
    • Number of credits if any
    • Whether or not the program will lead to an academic or professional degree
    • Method for evaluating the success of the program and the criteria to be used
    • Attendance requirements
    • Budget
    • Sponsors
    • Venue
    • Travel arrangements required for attendees
    • Location and other hosting institutions
    • IAEE benefits from endorsing the program
    • Scholarships and student grants to be offered
    • Local or international scope
  3. Ex-post Evaluation
    • Report to IAEE
      • Attendance / Audience
      • Satisfaction survey
      • Final budget & Revenue Share when agreed
    • Certificates to be signed by IAEE

Minimum requirements

The following are guidelines for minimum quality standards to be fulfilled by IAEE training/education programs:

  • Faculty from accredited universities with graduate studies, or with an extensive an acknowledged expertise in the field
  • Clean and risk free facilities for the participants
  • IAEE branding plan


As a guide for the proposal to be presented to IAEE, some possible fee schemes are:

  • Stamp fee per student, course or program
  • Variable fee conditional on the revenues or earnings obtained by the program

For more information on how to submit an application to IAEE to host a Summer School program please reach out to David Williams, IAEE Executive Director, at

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