Energy Forum

2nd Quarter 2023
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"Presidents Message"
by Jean-Michel Glachant
"Executive Director Message"
by Frank Mortl, III
"Western Green Policies Could Hamper LNG Developments Out of Africa "
by Mamdouh G Salameh
"Natural Gas Balance in Europe: Germany as a Case Study "
by Kenneth B. Medlock Iii, Anna Mikulska, Luke (Leelook) Min
"LNG Import Capacity Expansion in Germany – Short-term Relief Likely to Turn into Medium-term Stranded Assets"
by Franziska Holz, Lukas Barner, Karlo Hainsch, Claudia Kemfert, Konstantin Löffler, Björn Steigerwald, and Christian Von Hirschhausen,
"The United Kingdom’s 60-year engagement with LNG"
by John Holding
"On the LNG Market: Actors, Development, Potential and Challenges"
by Fredj Jawadi and Philippe Rozin
"Stuck in the 1950’s: Updating Regulatory Mandates for the 21st Century"
by Michelle Nock
"Germany’s Self-restriction in Shale Gas Exploitation: A Missed Opportunity?"
by Manuel Frondel, Christoph M. Schmidt, and Colin Vance
"LNG Shipping via the Northeast Passage"
by Michael Schach and Reinhard Madlener
"Natural Gas Price Caps in Australia are Poor Policy and may be Permanent"
by Kelly Neill
"The Impact of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine on Global LNG Balances in 2030: A Scenario from the bp Energy Outlook 2023"
by Gautam Mukherjee and Melanie Sawaryn
"44th IAEE International Conference, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 04-09 February 2023 “Pathways To a Clean, Stable and Sustainable Energy Future”"
by Riyadh Conference Secretariat
"Shaybah Technical Tour February 9, 2023 "
by Carol Dahl

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