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Economics of the International Coal Trade Why Coal Continues to Power the World
Specialization Codes: 11 - Energy and the Economy, 3 - Coal, 3.3 - Imports and Exports, 6 - Electricity, 8 - Energy and the Environment,
Authors: Dr. Lars Schernikau
Publication Date: 2017
Description: This book is the 2nd edition of the Economics of the International Coal Trade. Coal is the single most important source of power on our planet and today accounts for 40% of electricity generation and 30% of primary energy. The world’s appetite for energy is still far from being met. Until 2050, an additional 6+ billion people will require accessto proper power. “Why Coal Continues to Power the World” introduces the reader to the global coal business; its importance; its source; its global demand, supply and trade; its use; its environmental impact; and its future. Despite recent price hikes, coal does not appear to be a popular subject today, which may explain the little attention it receives in the scientific community. Since writing the first edition during the commodity super cycle in 2006–2008, the world has changed. How has this impacted the global world of coal? This book is useful to energy economists, businessmen, politicians, university professors, high school teachers, students and anyone with an interest in how the world is powered. It is also helpful to anyone studying climate change and global warming.
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