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Proceedings of the International Conference on Materials, Electronics & Information Engineering, ICMEIE-2015
Article Title: Application of INPRO Methodology to Assess Economic Feasibility of Proposed Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant
Specialization Codes: 11 - Energy and the Economy, 15 - Energy Modeling, 5 - Nuclear Power, 6 - Electricity,
Authors: Jubair Sieed, Shaheed Hossain and Khorshed Ahmad Kabir
Publication Date: June 2015
Description: International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO) ensures that nuclear energy is available to meet the energy needs of the 21st century in a sustainable manner. It takes a holistic approach to assess innovative nuclear systems in seven areas of which economics is the primary concern. In order to contribute to sustainable development, energy and related products and services from any system must be affordable and available. The cost to the consumer must be competitive with that of low cost alternatives. Bangladesh being one of the energy deprived but economically uprising countries of the sub-continent plans to produce sufficient electricity to meet its internal demand with appropriate growth by 2030. The Power System Master Plan 2010 aims to meet more than half of the primary energy demand using indigenous resources. The other half is to be managed by imported coal, liquefied natural gas and fissile materials. In this study, the INPRO methodology has been applied to assess the economic feasibility of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant from a newcomer country perspective considering other available options. Several dimensions of economic feasibility have been studied and some suggestions have been made for sustainable growth in the power sector of Bangladesh.
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