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Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy, 7 (1): 89-103.
Article Title: Electricity Network Charging in the Presence of Distributed Energy Resources: Principles, Problems and Solutions
Specialization Codes: 6.2 - Transmission and Network Management, 6.4 - Distributed Generation, 7.7 - Policy and Regulation,
Authors: Pollitt, M.G.
Publication Date: 2018
Description: This paper discusses the principles of electricity network charging in the light of increasing amounts of distributed generation and the potential for significant increases in electric vehicles or distributed electrical energy storage. We outline cost reflective pricing, traditional public service pricing, platform market pricing and customer- focused business model pricing. We focus on the particular problem of how to recover network fixed costs and a recent example from Australia. We conclude that there are serious issues for regulators to address, but that potential solutions at the distribution level may already exist at the transmission level.
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