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Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
Article Title: Assessment of Korean customers’ willingness to pay with RPS
Specialization Codes: 15.1 - Energy Data, Modeling, and Policy Analysis, 7 - Renewables, 7.7 - Policy and Regulation,
Authors: Jihyo Kim, Jooyoung Park, Haeyeon Kim and Eunnyeong Heo
Publication Date: 02/2012
Description: To increase the use of renewable energy, the Korean government will introduce the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) in 2012. The RPS places responsibility for extra renewable energy costs on the consumers and allows price competition among different renewable sources. Accordingly, this study analyzes through the contingent valuation (CV) the willingness of Korean households to pay more for electricity generated by wind, photovoltaic (PV), and hydropower. Our empirical results show that, although the willingness to pay (or WTP) was highest for wind power and lowest for hydropower, the differences in WTP among the renewable sources were statistically insignificant. This suggests that Korean consumers prefer a renewable portfolio that minimizes power supply costs. The average WTP for all three energy types was KRW 1562.7 (USD 1.350) per month per household, which was approximately 3.7% of the average monthly electricity bill in 2010. This amount represents only 58.2% of what the Korean government allocated in its budget to the new and renewable energy dissemination program in 2010. Thus, our results imply that the promotion of the new and renewable energy dissemination program may be difficult only with the WTP for electricity generated from renewable sources. Specifically, the mean WTP will not support the set-aside dissemination capacity for PV after 2014.
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More Information: doi:10.1016/j.rser.2011.08.034

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