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Petropolitics: Petroleum Development, Markets and Regulations, Alberta as an Illustrative History
Specialization Codes: 1 - Petroleum, 2 - Natural Gas,
Authors: Alan J. MacFadyen and G. Campbell Watkins
Publication Date: 2014
Description: Petropolitics takes Alberta oil and natural gas from discovery to distribution within an economic framework. It provides a detailed examination of the operation of the markets for Alberta oil and natural gas and the use of governmental regulations.The analytical tools used are applicable to oil and gas industries throughout the world and would be of interest to anyone studying comparative petroleum policies.
Ordering Information: or online at Amazon etc. or (Canada) from Georgetown Terminal Warehouses Toll-free tel: 877-864-8477, Toll-free fax: 877-864-4272 or (US) Michigan State University Press c/o Chicago Distribution Center Tel: 800-621-2736, Fax: 800-621-8476 or (international) Gazelle Book Services Tel: 011 44 (0)1524 68765, Fax: 011 44 (0)1524 63232
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