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Energy and Environment Journal
Article Title: Economics of Renewable Energy in Trinidad
Specialization Codes: 2 - Natural Gas, 6 - Electricity, 7 - Renewables, 8 - Energy and the Environment,
Authors: Haydn I. Furlonge
Publication Date: 2012
Description: Renewable energy (RE) is noted for its socio-economic benefits as a sustainable source of energy particularly for small island developing states. However, for a country such as Trinidad and Tobago that is relatively rich in fossil fuels, this truism is severely tested. We explore the economic, technological and market conditions which are necessary to support RE’s penetration into the future energy matrix of the country.
Ordering Information: Furlonge, H.I., Economic Considerations for Renewable Energy Application in Trinidad and Tobago’s Power Sector, Energy and Environment Journal, 23(1), 33-50, 2012.

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