Aberdeen, Scotland 2002

2002 International Conference:

The 2002 IAEE International Conference took place in Aberdeen, Scotland from June 26-29, 2002. The theme for the Aberdeen Conference was "Innovation and Maturity in Energy Markets: Experience and Prospects." The conference explored 5 main themes, all of which are important globally: Renewable Energy, The Role of Government, Natural Gas, The Oil Industry and IT and the Energy Sector. Plenary sessions were given by major speakers from industry and government including Lord Lawson, President of the BIEE and Tony Hayward, Group Vice President and Group Treasurer of BP.

Plenary Sessions

Tony Hayward, Group Vice President and Group Treasurer, BP (pdf)
Lord Lawson, President of the BIEE (pdf)
David M. Newbery, Department of Applied Economics, University of Cambridge Paper (pdf) Presentation (pdf)
Robert Priddle. Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (pdf)

Parallel Sessions

Trends in Information Technology Costs and Investment Levels in the Oil Industry - David Rose, AUPEC, Ltd. (pdf)
Liberalisation of the Energy Markets: An Outlook Towards 2010 - Douwe Kingma, Mark Lijesen, Hein Mannaerts and Michiel Mulder, CPB, The Netherlands (pdf)
Economic Effects of Natioal Emissions Trading Schemes; National Dilemma's Within a Global Issue - Machiel Mulder, CPB, The Netherlands (pdf)
Price-based Versus Quantity-based Approaches for Stimulating the Development of Renewable Electricity: New Insights in an Old Debate - Dominique Finon, Philippe Menanteau, Marie-Laure Lamy, IEPE, France (pdf)
Competition, Lock in and Development of Technological Variety in the Production of Solar Electricity - Pierre Taillant, University of Montpellier, (pdf)
The Choice of the Regulated Organization According to the Investment in a Marginal Nuclear Equipment - Marie-Laure Guillerminet, University of Montpellier, (pdf)
Analysis of the Impact of Fuel Cell Vehicles on Energy Systems in the Transportation Sector in Japan - Toshihiko Nakata and Ryo Kinugasa, Tohoku University, (pdf)
Optimization for the Operation of Electric Power Generation Taking Account of Distributed Regional Demand in Japan - Toshihiko Nakata and Shuichi Ashina, Tohoku University, (pdf)
Design for renewable energy systems with application to rural area in Japan - Toshihiko Nakata, Kazuo Kubo and Alan Lamont (pdf)
Regulation, Competition and Regulation, Brazilian Electricity System - Adilson de Oliveira (pdf)
The Re-regulation of the Dutch Natural Gas System - Aad F. Correljé (pdf)

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