Letters to the Editors

The Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy (EEEP) is a journal focused on the policy implications of the economic factors affecting and affected by policy decisions in these critical and overlapping fields. The purpose is to provide analysis which will stimulate constructive dialogue and thereby encourage improved policy.

In that light, and in response to suggestions from readers, the Editors are pleased to announce that, beginning with the March 2015 issue, EEEP will add a section of "Letters to the Editors." Readers are invited to submit letters of not more than two pages (i.e., not more than 1000 words) concisely and impersonally reacting to articles appearing in EEEP. Letters submitted will be judged for publication on the basis of brevity, clarity, and strength of argument, and the Editors reserve the right to edit them further to those ends. In some cases, they may be forwarded to the original article's author(s) for a response to be published at the same time. Anonymous letters will not be considered.

Letters responding to articles appearing in prior issues of EEEP should be mailed to Charles Mason eeep.mason@gmail.com. Letters should only respond to articles from the immediate prior issue.


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