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The Economics of Infrastructure Provisioning: The Changing Role of the State, edited by Arnold Picot, Massimo Florio, Nico Grove, and Johann Kranz - Book Review by: Kåre Petter Hagen

Future of Utilities—Utilities of the Future. How Technological Innovations in Distributed Energy Resources will Reshape the Electricity Power Sector, edited by Fereidoon P. Sioshansi - Book Review by: Georg Erdmann

An Evaluation of Japanese Environmental Regulations—Quantitative Approaches from Environmental Economics, by Toshi H. Arimura and Kazuyuki Iwata - Book Review by: Barbara Breitschopf

Improving Energy Decisions: Towards Better Scientific Policy Advice for a Safe and Secure Future Energy System, by Bert Droste-Franke, Martin Carrier, Matthias Kaiser, Miranda Schreurs, Christoph Weber and Thomas Ziesemer - Book Review by: Yukari Niwa Yamashita

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Published in Volume 6, Number 1 of The Quarterly Journal of the IAEE's Energy Economics Education Foundation.