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A literature review section of The Energy Journal will examine books and reports, which pertain to the fields of energy and economics.

Reviews of books or reports should not exceed 2500 words.

If you would like to review books and reports for The Energy Journal, please fill in this online registration form.

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Please select your area(s) of expertise so that we may route books/reports appropriately:
Topics in energy economics:
    Natural Gas
    Nuclear Power and Uranium
    Unconventional Fossil Resources
    Energy and the Environment
    Energy and the Economy
    Energy Security and Geopolitics
    Energy Investment and Finance
    Energy Modeling
    Developing Countries

To submit books for review please contact:

Energy Journal Editorial Staff at energyjournal@iaee.org

Book Review Editors
Carol Dahl, Colorado School of Mines. cadahl@mines.edu
Maureen S. Crandall, National Defense University, crandallm@ndu.edu
Peter J.G. Pearson, Cardiff University, Pearsonpj@cardiff.ac.uk
Frank Felder, Rutgers University, ffelder@rci.rutgers.edu