Energy Forum

1st Quarter 2019
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"Presidents Message"
by Christophe Bonnery
"Are Community Energy Systems the Solution for Growing Urban Energy Demand?"
by Pallavi Roy and Philip R. Walsh
"RGGI: Not a Proven Template for State Action Yet"
by Sreekanth Venkataraman
"The Future of World Energy"
by Hisham Khatib
"The Digital World Knocking at Electricity’s Door: Six Building Blocks to Understand Why"
by Jean-Michel Glachant and Nicolò Rossetto
"OPEC Is an Important Energy Policy Tool to Keep Oil Markets Stable"
by Mamdouh G Salameh
"Washington D.C. USAEE/IAEE North American Conference"
by n/a
"Forget the Government: Promoting Renewables with Voluntary Action"
by Luciano I. de Castro
"Implications of Global Developments within the Energy Industry in the Caspian and Central Asia Region"
by n/a
"The Role of Renewables in Nigeria’s Energy Policy Mix"
by Emmanuel Omoniyi Falobi
"Renewable Integration Impact Assessment: The MISO Experience"
by Jordan Bakke, Maire Boese, Armando Figueroa-Acevedo, Brandon Heath, Yifan Li, Nihal Mohan, James Okullo, Aditya Jayam Prabhakar, and Chen-Hao Tsai
"Technological Change in Service of the Environment"
by Jonas Grafstrom
"Solar PV Electrification in New Regions: International Low-carbon Energy Transition "
by Hyun Jin Julie YU
"The Political Economy of Carbon Pricing After the U.S. Exit from the Paris Agreement"
by Tilak K. Doshi
"Enhancing Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development in Nigeria"
by Yabo Olanrele and Pius Okeh
"6th Asian Conference in Wuhan China"
by n/a

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