Energy Forum

2nd Quarter 2022
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"President’s Message"
by Peter Hartley
"Finding global temperature goals: how science and policy interacted?"
by Hoesung Lee
"National Oil Companies and the ESG Framework"
by Majid Al Moneef
"Climate Change and COVID-19: Complexity and New Challenges"
by David Bourghelle, Fredj Jawadi, and Philippe Rozin
"How will Climate Change affect China?"
by Marc Gronwald
"Glasgow's COP26: A Cop Out Or A Baby Step Forward?"
by Fereidoon Sioshansi
"COP26: The Clouds And Its Silver Linings"
by David Robinson
"The Arab World Will Produce the Last Oil Barrel"
by Mamdouh G. Salameh
"Oil and Gas Under Attack at COP26"
by Tilak K. Doshi
"Regional and Municipal Levels – the Central Arenas of the Energy Transition in Germany"
by Josef Gochermann
"Rate Setting for an Electrified World"
by Jackie Nock
"Not all carbon is created equal, so let's tax extravagant emissions more"
by Philippe Benoit
"Solar sharing economy or "my home is my power plant"? Profiling collective and individual solar prosumers in Southern Switzerland"
by Alessandra Motz, Beatrice Petrovich, Stefan Gahrens, and Rolf Wüstenhagen

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