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Special Issue 2020
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"Presidents Message"
by Yukari Yamashita
"The Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions on Energy Markets in the Time of Coronavirus"
by Michelle Foss
"The Impact of Covid-19 on Energy Markets"
by Sam Van Vactor
"Oil Prices in Negative Territory? In Power Markets Frequent Negative Prices Could Become the Norm"
by Cristian Stet
"Covid-19 And Climate Change: Asia’s Policy Choices In The Age Of ‘Crisis’"
by Tilak Doshi
"COVID-19 and Nuclear Energy"
by Jeff Combs
"Electricity Consumption as a Near Real-time Indicator of COVID-19 Economic Effects"
by Ben McWilliams and Georg Zachmann
"Impact of COVID-19 on Global Energy Markets"
by Anupam Dutta, Elie Bouri, Gazi Salah Uddin and Muhammad Yahya
"New Outlook for Oil Market in the New Post-Coronavirus World"
by Zied Ftiti, Hachmi Ben Ameur and Wael Louhichi
"COVID-19 Final Straw or Deathblow for a Global Coal Industry at the Verge of Collapse"
by Pao-Yu Oei, Paola Yanguas Parra and Christian Hauenstein
"Covid-19 and Social Distancing: Does It Show Up in the Demand for Electricity?"
by Steven Percy and Bruce Mountain
"Estimating the Impact of COVID-19 on Emissions and Emission Allowance Prices Under EU ETS"
by Kenneth Bruninx and Marten Ovaere
"COVID-19 Induces Emissions Cut and the Development of the Digital Economy"
by Bangzhu Zhu and Lin Zhang
"Changes in Electricity Demand Pattern in Europe Due to COVID-19 Shutdowns"
by Michal Narajewski and Florian Ziel
"The Impact of COVID-19 on Transport Demand, Modal Choices, and Sectoral Energy Consumption in Europe"
by Giacomo Falchetta and Michel Noussan
"The Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions on Electricity Demand: Evidence from Two Jurisdictions"
by James Carroll, Kenneth Conway, Alastair Shannon and Eleanor Denny
"Electricity Markets Under Lockdown: Insights from New York"
by David Benatia
"The Impact of COVID-19 on the Off-grid Renewable Energy Sector in Nigeria"
by Abdulrasheed Isah and Gylych Jelilov
"Impact of the Coronavirus on the Greek Energy Market"
by Kostas Andriosopoulos and Filippos Ioannidis
"Impact of COVID-19 Virus Cases and Sources of Oil Price Shock on Indian Stock Returns: Structural VAR Approach"
by Bhagavatula Aruna and Acharya H. Rajesh
"Nigeria and the Corona Virus Pandemic"
by Sylvester Anani Anaba and Olusanya Elisa Olubusoye
"Growing Africa's Electricity Distribution Demand"
by Soni Omotese
"COVID-19: Demand and Supply Shock on Energy Sector in India"
by Kakali Mukhopadhyay and Kriti Jain
"COVID-19 and the Power Industry Response: the Case of Kazakhstan"
by Daulet Akhmetov and Peter Howie
"Saudi Arabia's Unwinnable Oil Price War Against Russia?"
by Mamdouh Salameh
"A Nomadic Journey - Simulating the Effect of COVID-19 and Production Shifts on Crude Oil Prices"
by Dawud Ansari and Claudia Kemfert
"COVID-19 Effects on the Mexican Oil Sector and the Hedge Fund"
by Lilia Garcia Manrique, Isabel Rodriguez Pena and Monica Santillan Vera
"Are Oil and Gas Prices Immune to COVID-19?"
by Kentaka Aruga and Honorata Nyga-Lukaszewska
"Impact of Coronavirus on Distributed Energy Generation with the Application of Demand-Side Management"
by Marula Tsagkari
"The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Energy Pirces in Comparison to the 2008 Financial Crisis"
by Philipp Hauser, C. Panke, J. Gutierrez Lopec, D. Most, H. Scharf, D. Schohneit and S. Schreiber
"Electricity Demand Drops Down Due to COVID-19 Virus: Opportunities for Long-term Eenrgy Storage in a Highly Renewable Electricity System"
by Xiaoming Kan
"The Impacts of COVID-19 on China's Domestic Natural Gas Market"
by Fateh Belaid, Adel Ben Youssef, Benjamin Chiao and Khaled Guesm
"Corona Effect on Power Generation in Germany"
by Bruno Burger and Claudia Kemfert
"Going "Green" During the COVID-19 Crisis"
by Ranjeeta Mishra and Dina Azhgaliyeva
"The Economics Costs of Forecasting Errors in the PJM Interconnection Due to the COVID-19 Quarantine"
by Dylan Brewer
"Life after COVID-19: Independent Shale Oil Producers"
by Eleanor Morrison
"Short and Long Run Effects of COVID-19 on the Hospitality Industry and the Potential Effects on Jet Fuel Markets"
by But Dedaj, Adel Ben Youssef and Adelina Zeqiri
"Coronavirus Pandemic: Opportunities and Challenges for Energy and Low-Carbon Transition"
by Hongbo Duan, Lianbiao Cui, Lei Zhu and Xiaobing Zhang

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