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Special Issue 2019
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"President's Message"
by Christophe Bonnery
"Quantifying the Benefits of Imperfect Demand Response"
by Patricia Levi
"Market Design and Investment in Flexible Generation"
by Bert Willems
"The Efficiency and Distributional Effects of Alternative Residential Electricity Rate Designs"
by Scott P. Burger, Christopher R. Knittel, Ignacio J. Pérez-Arriaga, Ian Schneider, Frederik vom Scheidt
"Duct-taping the U.S.’s Last Energy-Only Market: ERCOT"
by Jay Zarnikau, Chi-Keung Woo, Shuangshuang Zhu and Chen-Hao Tsai
"Big Data Meets Local Climate Policy: Energy Star Time-of-Day Savings in Washington, D.C.’s Municipal Buildings"
by Maya Papineau
"Present and Future Welfare Loss Due to Electricity Tariff Inefficiencies"
by Niall Farrell
"Resource Booms and the Macroeconomy: The Case of U.S. Shale Oil"
by Nida Cakir Melek, Michael Plante and Mine Yücel
"The Relative Inefficiency of Petroleum Fiscal Regimes in Latin America and the Caribbean"
by Graham A. Davis and James L. Smith
"Market Power in the NZ Wholesale Electricity Market 2010-2016"
by Stephen Polett
"Optimizing the Use of Curtailed Power in the Electric Grid"
by Ahmed Abdulla and Kristen R. Schell
"The Productivity Puzzle in Network Industries: Evidence from Electricity, Gas and Water Sectors "
by Karim L. Anaya and Michael G. Pollitt
"Pricing Patterns in Wholesale Electricity Markets: Unilateral Market Power or Coordinated Behavior?"
by David P. Brown and Andrew Eckert
"Electricity Simulations on the Distribution Edge: Developing a Granular Representation of End-User Electric Load Preferences using Smart Meter Data"
by Ashwini Bharatkumar, Ricardo Esparza, Kristina Mohlin, Elisheba Spiller, Karen Tapia-Ahumada and Burcin Unel
"The Welfare and Price Effects of Sector Coupling with Power-to-gas"
by Martin Roach and Leonardo Meeus
"On the Relationship between Policy Uncertainty and Investment in Renewable Energy"
by Kelly Burns
"On Optimal Extraction under Asymmetric Information over Reclamation Costs "
by Pauli Lappi
"Closer to One Great Pool? Evidence from Structural Breaks in Oil Price Differentials"
by Michael Plante and Grant Strickler

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