Association Webinars: The Energy Transition: A View from the Finance World


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This webinar will examine the Energy Transition from the view of the financial markets. It will take a look at how investors and debt providers have looked at the transition over the last decade and why 2020 could go down as a pivotal year in the fight against climate change. 2020 will be seen as the year when the financial markets began to see climate risk as investment risk and to change capital allocation away from fossil fuels to all things green and clean. This of course begs questions whether this is a short term or a long term phenomenon.


Gerard Reid is a Co-founder and Partner at Alexa Capital. He is focused on assisting people and organizations in the energy and mobility areas who are struggling to understand and come to terms with the unpredictable and rapid change going on around them. Gerard has developed a strong reputation as a leading global expert in the energy and mobility space. He is an avid blogger and author with a following of more than 150k across several platforms and he is the co-host to "REDEFINING ENERGY" podcast. He is also a member of the World Economic Forum Future Energy Council. He has spent over fifteen years working in investment banking (equity research, fund management and corporate finance) with a focus on both the energy transition and the digital energy revolution the sector is going through. Prior to founding Alexa Capital, he was Managing Director and Head of European Cleantech Research at Jefferies & Co. He was born and raised in Dublin and received a Bachelor of Business Studies and Master of Arts as well as a Higher iploma in Education from Trinity College Dublin. Currently, he works in London and lives outside Berlin in a small village. He is a senior fellow with the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment. 


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