Association Webinars: Energy Security: Security in the XXI Century



Energy security constitutes an important energy policy challenge. It is significant challenge in energy strategy of every country. The phenomenon is worldwide known since the 70s of the twentieth century. Since then, it has significantly evolved due to numerous reasons. In Poland energy security came to the fore with the beginning of the twenty first century and European-wide natural gas supply disruptions. Therefore Polish energy security is a relatively new phenomenon but it has already caught the attention of many researchers. In the last twenty years discussion on Polish energy security gained momentum. This webinar presents results of research in energy security and it's developments and depicts the Polish energy supply security between 2000-2020.

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Honorata Nyga-Lukaszewska, PhD, assistant professor, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland.
Her main research interests centre around energy security and international energy markets, international economics, economic diplomacy. Graduate of the IEA training on "Energy security and international energy markets". Alumnae of the US State Department International Visitors Leadership Programme dedicated to "US Energy security and foreign policy". She used to serve as a chief expert on energy security and international energy markets at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland and energy expert in the Polish delegation for UNFCCC COP 14. She authored or co-authored more than 40 scientific articles, books and book chapters published in Polish and English and by both, Polish and international publishers


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