Association Webinars: The Vast New Landscape of Minerals & Materials for Energy


Is the world prepared for the strategic, security and environmental risks associated with efforts to accelerate alternative energy technologies? In the face of potentially huge demand for minerals and materials, numerous questions remain unanswered related to sourcing, trade and sustainability. Considerations for life cycle management across materials supply chains have generally been ignored as accelerated wedges for wind, solar, battery energy storage have been built into outlooks to meet climate targets. For this webinar we line out the basics - constraints on supply and disposition of raw materials including competing end uses, life cycle and end of life management challenges, gaps in policy and strategic thinking. These will disrupt even the "best laid forecasts" and undermine conventional wisdom on cost structures and economics of alternative energy schemes.


Michelle Michot Foss, PhD, Fellow in Energy, Minerals & Materials, Center for Energy Studies, Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy

Dr. Michot Foss conducts research to help build capacity on non-fuel minerals supply chains for energy including materials for batteries and other technologies. She has nearly 40 years of experience in senior positions in energy and environmental research, consulting and investment banking with early career exposure to mining and mined land reclamation. She is past president of USAEE, IAEE and a USAEE Senior Fellow.

Rachel A. Meidl, LP.D., Fellow in Energy & Environment, Center for Energy Studies, Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy

Dr. Meidl's research interests include upstream and end-of-life management for batteries and alternative energy applications from a sustainability and life cycle perspective to understand the environmental, economic, and social impacts across supply chains. She was previously appointed deputy associate administrator for the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, an agency of the U.S. Dept. of Transportation.

Tristan Abbey, President, Comarus Analytics

Tristan Abbey is President of Comarus Analytics LLC. Prior to its founding, he served for nearly a decade in senior policy roles at the Senate and the White House. In October 2020, the Energy Policy Research Foundation, Inc., named him a Distinguished Fellow. Mr. Abbey works on strategic issues in energy and minerals with a focus on national security implications.


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