Association Webinars: COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on the energy sector


  • How long can pandemic last and what are the potential outcomes for the depth of its economic and societal impact?
  • Regional COVID-19 trends: Americas, Europe and Asia
  • Oil demand destruction exceeds 25 million bpd in April, gradual recovery from May?
  • Implications for global storage and business case for upstream shut-ins

Speaker: Jarand Rystad, CEO of Rystad Energy
Jarand founded Rystad Energy in 2004 and is managing the company. Jarand has extensive experience in oil and gas strategy advisory work from McKinsey and Rystad Energy. He has led a number of strategy projects for international oil and gas companies and oilfield service companies. He has also worked with governments and international organizations on topics related to the global energy agenda, and he is advising investors on deal screening, transactions and portfolio management. Jarand is, according to Financial Times "one of the most cited petroleum analysts in the industry" and has been the keynote speaker on numerous international conferences. His areas of expertise include E&P strategy, asset and company transactions, macro analysis and oil service industry analysis. Jarand has also worked for Kvaerner Engineering and as a research scientist within Industrial Economics, gaining wide expertise in statistics and programming. Jarand holds a M.Sc. degree in Physics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where he majored with a thesis on astroseismology. He also has an academic background in philosophy, and has been the leader and founder of various organizations.


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