Association Webinars: Electricity demand, mobility, COVID-19 contagion nexus with heavy lockdown


The magnitude of the impact of the pandemia on key variables, such as electricity demand, mobility of people and number of COVID-19 hospitalization cases is unprecedented. Existing economic models lack historical data to estimate the impact of such events. We investigate the nexus among electricity demand, shifting behavior of mobility at work and and home, and COVID-19 contagion with econometric estimation techniques.


Maria Chiara D'Errico is a Research Fellow at the University of Perugia
Doctoral Degree un Agro-Industrial Economics. Research interests in: Applied economics, Energy Economics, Bayesian Statistics.

Carlo Andrea Bollino is a Professor of Economics and Energy Economics at the University of Perugia
PH D in Economics, University of Pennsylvania, Research interests in: Microeconomics, Energy Economics, Market regulation


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