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IAEE Open Access Statement

Several types of access models exist that allow users to read published content. The two most popular are reader access side-fees, where a subscription is paid by an institution or individual for access to a given journal, and author access side-fees, where a funding agency or author pays for their paper to be published within a journal and where the article is then made available at no additional charge to the reader.

Open Access (OA) describes the practice of providing the public with unrestricted online access to articles published in scholarly journals without payment of separate fees known as author access side-fees.’

IAEE supports Open Access models designed to ensure that its publishing activities operate in a long term sustainable way. IAEE’s goals are to:

  • Advance the field of energy economics through the effective dissemination of high quality research
  • Maximize the dissemination of the research that we publish through multiple channels including print and digital
  • Support sustainable and fair models of access
  • Encourage funding to be made available to support authors during any transition from reader access side-fees to author access side-fees
  • Support the ability of authors to archive their manuscript within an institutional repository

Effective March 1, 2014, there are two forms of Open Access to articles published in IAEE Journals:

  • Gold Open Access: Publication costs are covered by an 'Article Processing Charge' paid by the author or the author’s funding agency or institution upon acceptance of the article for publication. The final 'article of record' is then published and made available to all users, immediately, without any barriers to access, subject to a Creative Commons license.
  • Green Open Access: An early version of the paper (frequently the author's manuscript) is made available at no cost to users solely through non-commercial and institutional networks with which the author is affiliated, and is made available to the general public through the IAEE at a reasonable cost to those seeking access to the article, during a 3-year embargo period, after which the processed version will be available to all users at no charge, subject to a Creative Commons license. No payment is made by the author or the author’s institution; IAEE strives to recover its publication costs during the embargo period.

Effective March 1, 2014, IAEE offers authors of newly submitted articles the option to publish Gold Open Access articles within The Energy Journal or the Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy through payment of an Article Processing Charge (and under a Creative Commons license). Unless authors elect to publish in accordance with Gold Open Access standards, articles will be published under Green Open Access standards.

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