Energy Forum

1st Quarter 2024
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"President’s Message"
by Anne Neumann
"Remembering David L. Williams, Sr. 1928 – 2024"
by John Jimison
"Energy Justice – Measuring Impacts in Energy Communities: A Synthesis of the Literature"
by Amanda Harker Steele, Luke Clahane, Gavin Pickenpaugh, and Jason Boerst
"The spread of the “prosumer” in European and French law: the structuring of energy communities"
by Blanche Lormeteau
"Some lessons learned from Renewable Energy Communities in Austria"
by Helen Fischer, Amela Ajanovic, and Reinhard Haas
"Communities Advancing the U.S. Energy Transition"
by Vincent Musco and Carolyn Berry
"Cost Allocation in Energy Communities"
by Laura Wangen and Cédric Clastres
"Power to the People: A People- Centred Approach to Accelerate the Transition Towards Net Zero Emissions Energy Systems"
by Sara Zaidan and Mutasem El Fadel
"A Holistic Approach to Energy Communities: From Symbolic Value to the Definition of an Algorithm for Fair Incentive Allocation"
by Debora Cilio, Valerio Angelucci, and Matteo Zulianello
"From Vision to Action: Building Sustainable Energy Communities in Colombia"
by Georg Heinemann, Ana María Ramírez Tovar, Pasha Alidadi, and Christian von Hirschhausen
"Successful Energy Communities Attract Innovation and Private Investors"
by Sabine Löbbe, Fereidoon Sioshansi, and David Robinson
"Plant the Seeds, then Tend the Garden: How to Incentivize and Coordinate Energy Communities"
by Christine Brandstätt, Jens Weibezahn, and Nicolò Rossetto
"Economics of Metals in the Long Run: A Short Overview of the Academic Literature"
by Maylis Peyret and Frédéric Gonand
"What ‘Value Added’ do Utility Regulators Provide?"
by Jackie Ashley and David Morton
"Powering the Future: EVER Monaco 2023, a Conference on Electromobility and Sustainable Development of Territories and Cities"
by Diego Cebreros and Christophe Bonnery
"Is LNG a Bridge Fuel in the Mitigation of Global Warming: A Critical Review of Studies at the EDF, NRDC, and Bloomberg"
by Marc Vatter

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