Energy Forum

1st Quarter 2022
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"President's Message"
by Peter Hartley
"Energy Transition in Saudi Arabia: Key initiatives and challenges"
by Fateh Belaid and Aisha Al Sarihi
"The Key Power-to-Heat Technologies for the European Energy Transition"
by Md. Nasimul Islam Maru, Jos Sijm and Germán Morales-España
"Pathways to decarbonization of European islands: ensuring the integration of high renewable energy and power system flexibility"
by Sophie Chlela, Sandrine Selosse and Nadia Maïzi
"Environmentally sound technologies for mitigation of climate change"
by Humphrey Oruwari and Gordon M. Bubou
"Becoming gas reliant; how Mexico is betting for a risky game"
by Lilia García Manrique Mónica Santillán Vera, and Isabel Rodríguez Peña
"Second Energy Transition for Uruguay"
by Ernesto Elenter
"The Transport Challenge: A Nordic Perspective"
by Kimmo Palanne and Anna Sahari
"Paths to a climate-neutral future – the citizens decide on its success"
by Dieter Oesterwind and Philipp Riegebauer
"Institutional factors for the energy transition: the case of Chile"
by Javier Bustos-Salvagno
"Modeling the transition to a low-carbon energy system - how can an agent-based model approach complement an optimization model approach"
by Jinxi Yang
"Unbundling the Energy Union: Energy Transition Governance and Review Framework "
by Andrew Kilmartin
"The Short-lived Electricity Reform in Mexico and the Expected Aftermath"
by María E. Ibarrará and Alejandro Rodríguez Chacón
"Transition To Solar Home Systems In Nigeria"
by Maryam Bello
"Pakistan on its path for the 2050 carbon-neutral targets"
by Jamil Khan
"Energy Architecture and Economic Growth"
by Douglas B. Reynolds

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