Energy Forum

1st Quarter 2021
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"Presidents Message"
by James Smith
"Perspectives on Expanding EV Charging Infrastructure in the United States"
by Timothy C. Coburn, Thomas H. Bradley, Jeffrey Logan, and Charles F. (Chuck) Kutscher
"Cost Savings in Areas with Unproven Reserves: Risk = Reward in Big Oil "
by William (Blake) Sutton and Zhen Zhu
"The chicken and the egg dilemma for charging infrastructure and Electric Vehicle diffusion: a developing world case study "
by Jessica Arias-Gaviria, Veronica Valencia-Hernandez, Santiago Arango-Aramburo, Yris Olaya M, Erik R. Larsen and Ricardo Smith
"Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure and Repercussions of EVs on Household Electricity Load – What Can We Learn From Research Findings?"
by Doina Radulescu
"Estonian Experience with Electric Mobility: Is There a First-Mover Advantage with EVs?"
by Anna Ebers Broughel and Marko Viiding
"Strategic Development of Electric Vehicles in Canada"
by Patrick O. Adoba1 and Michael O. Dioha
"Positive energy territories and electromobility: Highlights from EVER Monaco 2020"
by Icaro Silvestre Freitas Gomes
"Electric Vehicles, the Future of Mobility"
by Jamil Khan
"California’s Outages Blamed On Warming Climate"
by Fereidoon Sioshansi
"Western green energy mania will not doom oil and gas "
by Tilaklal K. Doshi
"Enrichment’s Critical Role in Nuclear Fuel Supplies"
by Jeff Combs and Y. Lydia Hsieh
"Responding to “An Uphill Battle for EVs vs ICEs”: setting the record straight on the status and future of EV adoption"
by Matteo Muratori, Catherine Ledna, Chris Gearhart, John Farrell, and David Greene

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