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The Cost of Australian Carbon Dioxide Abatement

This paper examines efficient means of abating the greenhouse effect in Australia by reducing the emissions of CO2. It examines the generation of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels in Australia, and analyses means to cut emissions from electricity generation and road transport. Finally, it calculates the cost, in terms of growth forgone, of measures to attain the Toronto targets for Australian electricity generation and road transport, using the ORANI multisectoral model.

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Energy Specializations: Energy and the Environment – Climate Change and Greenhouse Gases; Energy and the Environment – Policy and Regulation

JEL Codes: Q41: Energy: Demand and Supply; Prices, Q42: Alternative Energy Sources, Q54: Climate; Natural Disasters and Their Management; Global Warming, Q35: Hydrocarbon Resources, Q38: Nonrenewable Resources and Conservation: Government Policy

Keywords: CO2 abatement, ORANI multisectoral model, Australia, Economic costs

DOI: 10.5547/ISSN0195-6574-EJ-Vol12-No2-8

Published in Volume 12, Number 2 of the bi-monthly journal of the IAEE's Energy Economics Education Foundation.


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