United States of America

USAEEThe United States Association for Energy Economics was founded in 1994 to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, experience and issues among professionals interested in energy economics. We are the largest affiliate of the International Association for Energy Economics, which is as worldwide in it's scope, as are its members, who come from diverse backgrounds -- corporate, academic, scientific and government.

The USAEE is comprised of at large members, and regional chapters, which frequently sponsor talks and sometimes conferences on energy issues of relevance to its local members. The USAEE also hosts the North American Conference each year.

There are many benefits from membership in USAEE. Members will gain a broader understanding of energy economics, policy making and theory. Members are kept well informed by our publications and conferences on events within the energy industry and the challenges that lie ahead. Furthermore, membership provides you with the opportunity to network within the largest Association of energy professionals. For more information on membership with USAEE and IAEE, visit our web site at www.usaee.org.



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