The French "Association des Economistes de l'Energie" (AEE) is the local affiliate of the IAEE. It is the French-speaking gateway to the multitude of energy related industries and resources in France, Europe, and the world.

France is reviewing its current energy policy. This on-going energy transition process is addressing leading edge energy-related issues. France is home to some of the world's largest and most innovative companies and financial institutions involved in providing and financing energy. French government policy in energy and climate change has many innovative aspects, and French academic research on energy issues has a high international profile.

AEE strives to increase the understanding of how energy and economics relate to each other, and to provide a forum for the free exchange of these concepts. We hold about 20 meetings, seminars and conferences each year, which cover energy topics and issues here at home, and discuss how these issues relate to the broader issues of the global energy scene.

With a history spanning more than 45 years, AEE has established itself as a unique link between academia, the private sector and policy makers in the energy sector and has a diverse membership drawn from these professional communities, as well as students in full-time education.

The role of the AEE is to bring together these diverse stakeholders in order to facilitate and promote research, discussion and debate on key energy issues.

The AEE was established as a non-profit organization under "Loi de 1901" and became registered in the "Journal Officiel" on April 2nd, 1986. It is governed by its Council of voluntary officers elected by the members. As representative of the International Association of Energy Economics (IAEE), AEE offers a over 4000 members network and a growing network of country affiliates and representatives.

AEE Council write articles published in national newspapers under the "Club des Economistes de l'Energie" labeling.

Membership of AEE/IAEE has many benefits:

  • The opportunity for members to build and extend their professional networks, by providing access to experts from different energy-related disciplines and professional communities in academia, private sector and government.
  • The potential to expand your professional knowledge through participation in AEE meetings, seminars and conferences that are highly informative and relevant to energy professionals.
  • Free or discounted access to AEE conferences and workshops, with additional financial support for student members.
  • Access to the IAEE and includes a subscription to the Energy Journal, the IAEE newsletter, Members directory and many other services.

For more information on membership with the AEE and IAEE and on joining, please visit our web site:


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