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Fourth Quarter 2006

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Read "Global Energy Market Trends—Insights from the 2006 BP Statistical Review of World Energy" By Peter Davies and Neelesh Nerurkar
Page 8
Peter Davies and Neelish Nerurkar, using data from the 2006 BP Statistical Review of World Energy, discuss the global energy "story" of 2005 and 2006. They note that despite the dominance of high prices, supply availability has been maintained; markets have worked and adjustments made and will continue to be made.

Read "A Producer’s Perspective of Oil and Gas Supply Security" By Majid A. Al-Moneef
Page 12
Majid Al-Moneef discusses energy security of supply from the perspective of an oil and gas supplier in the mid-east. He argues that while oil and gas import dependency was perceived as detrimental to energy security in the past, such a perception in an era of globalization, free markets and world competition is not warranted.

Read "Confronting Jevons’ Paradox: Does Promoting Energy Efficiency Save Energy?" By Horace Herring
Page 14
In 865 the English economist, Stanley Jevons, wrote: "It is wholly a confusion of ideas to suppose that the economical use of fuel is equivalent to a diminished consumption. The very contrary is the truth..Every... improvement of the engine, when effected, does but accelerate anew the consumption of coal." Horace Herring discusses this theory in today’s light and concludes that though promoting energy efficiency is a valuable tool to save money and stimulate economic productivity, it will not lead to a reduction in energy use.

Read "The Gas Exporting Countries Forum and Europe" By Hadi Hallouche
Page 16
Hadi Hallouche, one of the student advisers to the IAEE Council, explains the Gas Exporting Countries Forum and how it relates to the EU. Noting that the GECF was not set up as a Gas OPEC, he explains its structure and method of operation.

Read "The IAEE Comes Full-Circle" By Paul Tempest
Page 18
Paul Tempest, long-time IAEE member, comments briefly on the founding of IAEE and its road traveled since then, concluding with remarks on the 29th International Conference in Potsdam, Germany.

Read "Energy Policy in Denmark and the Danish Affiliate" By Jesper Munksgaard and Anders Larsen
Page 21
This article addresses some features in recent Danish Energy Policy and briefly describes the activities of the Danish Affiliate of the IAEE.

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