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First Quarter 2006

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Read "The Shifting Sands of U.S. Legislative and Regulatory Policy: Implications for Natural Gas Supplies from Foreign Sources" By Dena E. Wiggins
Page 5
Dena Wiggins examines the need for LNG imports in the context of existing U.S. energy policy and the impact of the Domenici-Barton Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Read "The Energy Crises and the Corporate Way of Life: Can Energy Corporations Meet the Need for Workable, Fair, and Comprehensive Solutions to Energy Issues?" By Kenneth R. Zimmerman
Page 11
Kenneth Zimmerman answers the question, "can energy companies meet the need for workable and fair solutions to energy issues?" with a probable, "no".

Read "Wolf" By Douglas B. Reynolds
Page 19
Doug Reynolds looks at why energy prices are likely to stay high and why we should encourage large oil producers to reduce output and maximize their profits.

Read "Econometric Study On An Energy Strategy for Malaysia to the Year 2030 - Focusing on the Impacts of Renewable Energy-based Power Generation" By PeckYean Gan
Page 22
PeckYean Gan, who won a best paper award at the Denver North American meeting, reports on an econometric model comparison of a business as usual case for Malaysian energy demand with a renewable energy alternative.

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