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6th Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Economics - A Toxa, Galicia (Spain), 25-26 June 2014

The Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Economics (AWEEE) is a biennial scientific meeting, born in 2004, which is organized by Economics for Energy with the collaboration of the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW). The workshop has become an important outlet for the discussion and debate on state-of-the-art research on energy and environmental issues, with a limited number of participants who come from all around the world. The AWEEE combines keynote lectures on specific topics by prestigious academics with the presentation of research by invited speakers and by other participants through an open call for papers.

The AWEEE takes place in the pleasant island of A Toxa, in the Northwestern Spanish area of Galicia. In its sixth edition the workshop will deal with Frontiers in the Economics of Energy Efficiency, including keynote lectures by Massimo Filippini (ETH and USI) and Richard Schmalensee (MIT) and invited presentations by Maximilian Auffhammer (UCB), Denny Ellerman (EUI), Ibon Galarraga (BC3), Kenneth Gillingham (Yale), Robert Hahn (Oxford), Michael Hanemann (ASU), Frank Jotzo (ANU), José M. Labeaga (UNED), Juan-Pablo Montero (PUC Chile), Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga (UPC and MIT) and Massimo Tavoni (FEEM).


Recent Energy Journal Articles

Introduction to EMF 24 by Allen A. Fawcett, Leon E. Clarke, and John P. Weyant
Technology and U.S. Emissions Reductions Goals: Results of the EMF 24 Modeling Exercise by Leon E. Clarke, Allen A. Fawcett, John P. Weyant, James McFarland, Vaibhav Chaturvedi, and Yuyu Zhou
Overview of EMF 24 Policy Scenarios by Allen A. Fawcett, Leon C. Clarke, Sebastian Rausch, and John P. Weyant
Interaction Effects of Market-Based and Command-and-Control Policies by Sugandha D. Tuladhar, Sebastian Mankowski, and Paul Bernstein
Technology Assumptions and Climate Policy: The Interrelated Effects of U.S. Electricity and Transport Policy by Mark Jaccard and Suzanne Goldberg
Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Options in the U.S. Electric Sector: A ReEDS Analysis by Patrick Sullivan, Caroline Uriarte, and Walter Short
Investigating Technology Options for Climate Policies: Differentiated Roles in ADAGE by Martin T. Ross, Patrick T. Sullivan, Allen A. Fawcett, and Brooks M. Depro
A Clean Energy Standard Analysis with the US-REGEN Model by Geoffrey J. Blanford, James H. Merrick, and David Young
Assessing the Interactions among U.S. Climate Policy, Biomass Energy, and Agricultural Trade by Marshall A. Wise, Haewon C. McJeon, Katherine V. Calvin, Leon E. Clarke, and Page Kyle
U.S. CO2 Mitigation in a Global Context: Welfare, Trade and Land Use by Ronald D. Sands, Katja Schumacher, and Hannah Forster
Markets versus Regulation: The Efficiency and Distributional Impacts of U.S. Climate Policy Proposals by Sebastian Rausch and Valerie J. Karplus
Impacts of Technology Uncertainty on Energy Use, Emission and Abatement Cost in USA: Simulation results from Environment Canada's Integrated Assessment Model by Yunfa Zhu and Madanmohan Ghosh

Of particular interest to the financial community and Wall Street is the recent Special Issue of The Energy Journal entitled “FINANCIAL SPECULATION IN THE OIL MARKETS AND THE DETERMINANTS OF THE PRICE OF OIL” edited by Matteo Manera, Volume 34, Number 3, 2013,


Recent Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy Articles

Energy subsidies: How large are they and how can they be reformed? by Benedict Clements, David Coady, Stefania Fabrizio, Sanjeev Gupta, and Baoping Shang
Taxing Energy Use in the OECD by Michelle Harding, Chiara Martini and Alastair Thomas
Energy Reforms and Consumer Prices in the EU over twenty Years by Massimo Florio
Do Consumers Want Smart Meters? Incentives or Inertia: Evidence from North Carolina and Lessons for Policy by Peter A. Groothuis and Tanga McDaniel Mohr
Demand Side Response: Patterns in Europe and Future Policy Perspectives under Capacity Mechanisms by Jacopo Torriti and Philipp Grunewald
Germany's Nuclear Phase-out: Sensitivities and Impacts on Electricity Prices and CO2 Emissions by Brigitte Knopf, Michael Pahle, Hendrik Kondziella, Fabian Joas, Ottmar Edenhofer, and Thomas Bruckner
New Alignments? The Geopolitics of Gas and Oil Cartels and the Changing Middle East by Songying Fang, Amy Myers Jaffe and Ted Loch-Temzelides
How Should Different Countries Tax Fuels to Correct Environmental Externalities? by Ian Parry, Dirk Heine, Shanjun Li, and Eliza Lis
Book Reviews


Current Energy Forum Articles

"Energy Fiasco" by David Howell
"Merger and Acquisition Activities in the U.S. Oil and Gas Industry" by Kuang-Chung Hsu, Michael Wright and Zhen Zhu
"Expanding Access to Modern Energy Services in Transition Countries: the Republic of Georgia" by Norberto Pignatti, Irakli Galdava and Giorgi Kelbakian
"The Growing Un-affordability of Energy for Households and the Consequences" by Lynne Chester
"Reducing Energy Poverty in Africa: Barriers and the Way Forward" by Joseph Ayoola Omojolaibi
"Energy Investments in Africa by the U.S., Europe and China" by Giorgio Gualberti, Morgan Bazilian and Todd Moss


Energy Economics in the News

Petrochemical, Gas-to-Liquids Growth to Spark NatGas Demand Surge, Energy ... - Natural Gas Intelligence (Read More)
Energy Economist: Why do oil and natural gas markets appear complacent? - Platts (blog) (Read More)
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Study Gives Nod to Pipelines for Texas Energy Boom - Natural Gas Intelligence (Read More)
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Most Popular Energy Journal downloads

"What Drives Natural Gas Prices?" by Stephen P. A. Brown and Mine K. Yucel
"The Relationship of Natural Gas to Oil Prices" by Peter R. Hartley, Kenneth B Medlock III and Jennifer E. Rosthal
"What Drives States to Support Renewable Energy?" by Steffen Jenner, Gabriel Chan, Rolf Frankenberger, and Mathias Gabel
"Understanding Crude Oil Prices" by James D. Hamilton
"Crude Oil Market Power—A Shift in Recent Years?" by Daniel Huppmann and Franziska Holz
"The Weak Tie Between Natural Gas and Oil Prices" by David J. Ramberg and John E. Parsons