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The Energy Visualization Database provides an entirely new way of understanding energy. Created by the Energy Innovation Center—an initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)-it shows at a glance how countries in the Americas produce and use energy. It is user-friendly and interactive, a practical tool for decision-making on energy policy and a prime example of how to make complex information accessible in the 21st century.

The database contains energy information, by fuel source and sector, on the IDB’s 26 borrowing countries plus Cuba. For comparison purposes, it also includes other major producing or consuming countries and regions. It identifies the leading industry players and institutions in each country and puts energy sector legal framework documents at your fingertips.

The Energy Visualization Database consolidates information sourced from the International Energy Agency and other institutions, as well as data gathered by IDB staff. By making the information easy to understand, it helps broaden the conversation on the region’s energy future.


Recent Energy Journal Articles

Demand Impact of a Critical Peak Pricing Program: Opt-in and Opt-out Options, Green Attitudes and Other Customer Characteristics by Steve A. Fenrick, Lullit Getachew, Chris Ivanov, and Jeff Smith
Electricity Demand in Wholesale Italian Market by Simona Bigerna and Carlo Andrea Bollino
Daily Price Cycles and Constant Margins: Recent Events in Canadian Gasoline Retailing by Benjamin Atkinson, Andrew Eckert, and Douglas S. West
Vehicle Manufacturer Technology Adoption and Pricing Strategies under Fuel Economy/Emissions Standards and Feebates by Changzheng Liu and David L. Greene
The Political Economy of Electricity Market Liberalization: A Cross-country Approach by Erkan Erdogdu
Do Day-Ahead Electricity Prices Reflect Economic Fundamentals? Evidence from the California ISO by Kevin F. Forbes and Ernest M. Zampelli
The Impact of Imperfect Competition in Emission Permits Trading on Oligopolistic Electricity Markets by Tanachai Limpaitoon, Yihsu Chen, and Shmuel S. Oren
Natural Gas and U.S. Economic Activity by Vipin Arora and Jozef Lieskovsky
Book Reviews

Of particular interest to the financial community and Wall Street is the recent Special Issue of The Energy Journal entitled “FINANCIAL SPECULATION IN THE OIL MARKETS AND THE DETERMINANTS OF THE PRICE OF OIL” edited by Matteo Manera, Volume 34, Number 3, 2013,


Current Energy Forum Articles

"Energy and Economic Growth: The Stylized Facts" by David Stern, Zsuzsanna Csereklyei, and Mar Rubio
"Energy Use and Economic Growth 1965 – 2012" by Rögnvaldur Hannesson
"The Role of Energy Technologies in Long Run Economic Growth" by Roger Fouquet
"Power System and Economic Growth: Twenty Years After the End of the Soviet Era" by Malika Saidkhodjaeva and Kh.R. Saidkhodjaeva
"Oil Price Shocks and Welfare Social Consequences" by Marc Joëts and Tovonony Razafindrabe
"Costs and Benefits of U.S. Renewables Portfolio Standards" by Galen Barbose, Jenny Heeter, Lori Bird, Samantha Weaver, Francisco Flores-Espino, and Ryan Wiser
"The Cost Effectiveness of Renewable Energy Support Schemes in the European Union" by Arjun Mahalingam, David Reiner and David Newbery
"Rethinking How to Support Intermittent Renewables." by Patrick A. Narbel
"Local Impacts of Wind Farms on Property Values: A Spatial Difference-In-Differences Analysis" by Yasin Sunak and Reinhard Madlener
"Renewable Generation and Capacity Markets" by Peter H. Griffes
"Active Distribution System Management: Need to Adapt the Regulation of Electricity DSOs " by Sophia Ruester, Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga, Sebastian Schwenen and Carlos Batlle
"Manipulation of Day-ahead Electricity Prices through Virtual Bidding in the U.S." by Chiara Lo Prete and William W. Hogan
"National Policies for Renewable Electricity are an Obstacle to Market Integration in the European Union" by Thomas P. Tangerås
"On the Future of Electricity Supply. Competitive Markets or Planned Economies?" by Reinhard Haas, Hans Auer and Michael Hartner
"Residential Electricity Demand in Chile" by Claudio A. Agostini, Cecilia Plottier and Eduardo Saavedra
"Beyond National Economy-wide Rebound Effects " by Simon Koesler, Kim Swales, and Karen Turner
"Increased Electricity Demand Flexibility Enabled by Smart Grid: Impacts on Prices, Security of Supply and Revenues in Northern Europe" by Torjus Folsland Bolkesjø, Åsa Grytli Tveten and Iliana Ilieva
"Negative Bidding by Wind: A Unit Commitment Analysis of Cost and Emission Impacts" by Lin Deng, Benjamin F. Hobbs, and Piet Renson
"Efficient Storage Capacity in a System with High Photovoltaic Penetration" by Benjamin Böcker and Christoph Weber
"A Regional Demand Forecasting Study for Transportation Fuels in Turkey " by Özlem Atalay and Gürkan Kumbaroğlu


Energy Economics in the News

U.S. shale boom is changing energy economics, adviser tells Kansas City ... - Kansas City Star (Read More)
A costly mistake - The Economist (Read More)
Energy economics professor named Hai-Tian Scholar - Penn State News (Read More)
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Most Popular Energy Journal downloads

"What Drives Natural Gas Prices?" by Stephen P. A. Brown and Mine K. Yucel
"The Relationship of Natural Gas to Oil Prices" by Peter R. Hartley, Kenneth B Medlock III and Jennifer E. Rosthal
"What Drives States to Support Renewable Energy?" by Steffen Jenner, Gabriel Chan, Rolf Frankenberger, and Mathias Gabel
"Understanding Crude Oil Prices" by James D. Hamilton
"Crude Oil Market Power—A Shift in Recent Years?" by Daniel Huppmann and Franziska Holz