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The Energy Visualization Database provides an entirely new way of understanding energy. Created by the Energy Innovation Center—an initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)-it shows at a glance how countries in the Americas produce and use energy. It is user-friendly and interactive, a practical tool for decision-making on energy policy and a prime example of how to make complex information accessible in the 21st century.

The database contains energy information, by fuel source and sector, on the IDB’s 26 borrowing countries plus Cuba. For comparison purposes, it also includes other major producing or consuming countries and regions. It identifies the leading industry players and institutions in each country and puts energy sector legal framework documents at your fingertips.

The Energy Visualization Database consolidates information sourced from the International Energy Agency and other institutions, as well as data gathered by IDB staff. By making the information easy to understand, it helps broaden the conversation on the region’s energy future.


Recent Energy Journal Articles

Stability versus Sustainability: Energy Policy in the Gulf Monarchies by Jim Krane
Natural Gas Supply Behavior under Interventionism: The Case of Argentina by Diego Barril and Fernando Navajas
Analysis of mean and volatility price transmissions in the MIBEL and EPEX electricity spot markets by A Ciarreta and A Zarraga
Carbon content of electricity futures in Phase II of the EU ETS by Harrison Fell, Beat Hintermann, and Herman Vollebergh
How large is the Owner-Renter Divide in Energy Efficient Technology? Evidence from an OECD cross-section by Chandra Kiran B. Krishnamurthy and Bengt Kriström
Power System Transformation toward Renewables: An Evaluation of Regulatory Approaches for Network Expansion by Jonas Egerer, Juan Rosellón, and Wolf-Peter Schill
A System Of Hourly Demand in the Italian Electricity Market by Simona Bigerna and Carlo Andrea Bollino
Now or Later? Trading Wind Power Closer to Real Time And How Poorly Designed Subsidies Lead to Higher Balancing Costs by Johannes Mauritzen
Residential End-use Electricity Demand: Development over Time by Hanne Marit Dalen and Bodil M. Larsen
Developing a Smart Grid that Customers can Afford: The Impact of Deferrable Demand by Wooyoung Jeon, Jung Youn Mo, and Timothy D. Mount
The Implicit Carbon Price of Renewable Energy Incentives in Germany by Claudio Marcantonini, A. Denny Ellerman
A New Perspective: Investment and Efficiency under Incentive Regulation by Rahmatallah Poudineh and Tooraj Jamasb
Shale Gas Boom Affecting the Relationship Between LPG and Oil Prices by Atle Oglend, Morten E. Lindbäck, and Petter Osmundsen
The Impact of Electricity Sector Restructuring on Coal-fired Power Plants in India by Kabir Malik, Maureen Cropper, Alexander Limonov and Anoop Singh
Market power in Norwegian electricity market: Are the transmission bottlenecks truly exogenous? by Faisal Mehmood Mirza, Olvar Bergland
Renewable Electricity Policy and Market Integration by Thomas P. Tangerås
Book Reviews

Of particular interest to the financial community and Wall Street is the recent Special Issue of The Energy Journal entitled “FINANCIAL SPECULATION IN THE OIL MARKETS AND THE DETERMINANTS OF THE PRICE OF OIL” edited by Matteo Manera, Volume 34, Number 3, 2013,


Current Energy Forum Articles

"Energy Sector Liberalisation: Pricing and Subsidy Reform and the Poor" by Tooraj Jamasb and Rabindra Nepa
"Considering the Welfare Impacts of Energy Efficiency and Rebound" by Lisa Ryan, Karen Turner, Patrizio Lecca, and Nina Campbell
"The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Renewable Portfolio Standards" by Gregory B. Upton Jr .and Brian F. Snyder
"Technology-neutral or Technology-specific? Designing Support Schemes for Renewable Energies Cost-effectively" by Paul Lehmann and Patrik Söderholm
"The Role of the Financial Sector in EU Emissions Trading" by Regina Betz, Johanna Cludius, and Anne Schopp
"Making ‘Smart Meters’ Smarter?" by Simon Bager and Luis Mundaca
"How Does Market Power Affect the Impact of Large Scale Wind Investment in ‘Energy Only’ Wholesale Electricity Markets?" by Stephen Poletti, Oliver Browne and David Young
"Establishing the Economic Co-benefits from Aligning Controlled EV Charging and Solar PV Generation in the Australian National Electricity Market" by Graham Mills and Iain MacGill
"The Long-Run Impact of Energy Storage on Electricity Prices and Generating Capacity" by Richard Green and Iain Staffell
"Economies of Scale in Biogas Production" by Lise Skovsgaard and Henrik Klinge Jacobsen
"Is CCR a Viable Technology Option for Investors? A Multi-stage Model Analysis Under Uncertainties" by Jian-Lei Mo and Ying Fan
"Modelling the Socio-economic Implications of Mitigation Actions in Colombia" by Ricardo Delgado, Camilo Matajira, Ángela Cadena, and Camilo Alvarez
"The Increasing Role of Coal in the Energy Balance of APEC Economies for the Period till 2040" by Dmitry Sokolov
"Changing Gas Price Mechanisms in Europe and Russia`s Gas Pricing Policy" by Tatiana Mitrova
"Shale Gas and the American Energy Renaissance" by Hillard G. Huntington
"Oil and Gas Price Drop Offers Reduced Cost Overruns" by Roy Endré Dahl, Atle Oglend and Petter Osmundsen


Energy Economics in the News

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The economics of battery energy storage - RenewEconomy (Read More)
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Most Popular Energy Journal downloads

"What Drives Natural Gas Prices?" by Stephen P. A. Brown and Mine K. Yucel
"The Relationship of Natural Gas to Oil Prices" by Peter R. Hartley, Kenneth B Medlock III and Jennifer E. Rosthal
"What Drives States to Support Renewable Energy?" by Steffen Jenner, Gabriel Chan, Rolf Frankenberger, and Mathias Gabel
"Understanding Crude Oil Prices" by James D. Hamilton
"Crude Oil Market Power—A Shift in Recent Years?" by Daniel Huppmann and Franziska Holz